Name: Leia (Lay-uh)
Nickname: Lei Lei (Lay Lay)
Location: Portland, OR
Astrological Sign: Leo
Age: 33
Nationality: Irish & Native American
Favorite Color: Pink
'Favorite Snack: Fire Limon Cheetos, Sour Candies, & Pistachios.
Favorite Animal: Lions & Puppies of Course. ;)
Fears: Fish (Yes, fish) & anything claustrophobic causing. lol


My name is Leia, I'm 32, I'm a mommy, a wife, an author, a business owner, a Youtuber, and oh yeah, I'm also a multi-gifted medium. =)

I have seen, heard, felt, talked to, and dealt with spirits since I was about 10. I found out when I was about 12 that I was not in fact crazy, but instead came from a long line of gifted mediums. My life story is something Hollywood couldn't even make up, not even taking into consideration the paranormal aspects. I'm not going to go into detail here, much of that is in the first chapter of my book, but there is a reason I mention it. My Grandma basically guided me through my life in regards to my gifts, along side with my childhood spirit guide Greggy. Greggy eventually moved onto a new student when I was about 21, which was very hard on me, but he insisted I needed a different form of guiding as an adult. My Grandma passed away in 2002 and I've been pretty much riding solo ever since. My dad does come and help a lot, but he can only do so much from his side; ya know? =)

I'm not exactly sure where to start in terms of explaining my history, I guess we'll start here....

When I was 9 I had a couple encounters with spirits and at the time my dad explained not to be afraid of them & that they can't hurt me. Unfortunetley at that point that was the only explanation I got. He clearly left out a whole chapter of that talk, I guess he thought he'd have time to explain the rest in the future; sadly he didn't. When I was 10 I lost my dad, my best friend. I knew I had lost him before anyone else knew, even before the police. At the time everyone chucked it up to me being so connected to my daddy and that our bond just told me. When I was in middle school, I guess around 12ish, I'm soooo bad about ages & dates, anyway, some friends and I started playing with the craft. We dabbled in spells books, incense, candles, stones, Ouija boards, etc.; you know the crap a lot of pre-teens dink with. The more we messed around with stuff the more I realized the things I was experiencing were more intense than my friends, plus I was seeing and hearing things they weren't. I assumed my imagination was just more intense then theirs.

After a while all my friends lost interest in the magic world and we all stopped messing with it; the problem was that I was still feeling, seeing, and hearing things that others weren't! I didn't tell my friends because I always got crazy looks when I tried. I finally told my mom who insisted I was having a mental breakdown from losing my dad; I considered that she may be right. After psych evals, cat scans, and MRI's of my brain I was cleared of all medical, mental, and emotional issues. My mom who was married to a psycho religious man was then convinced I was possessed by the devil and that evil spirits were squatting in my bedroom. Priests and holy water up the wazu made their way into my room; of course all that did was make things more intense for me.

After a few months of b.s. from my mom, she walked up to me and said "I was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but you need to call your Grandmother". Turns out.... she was keeping a family secret from me and she had threatened my Grandmother (my Dad's mom) over the years that if she ever tried to tell me about my family she would stop letting her contact me! Awesome right? So, what's the secret? I come from a long line of very strong and gifted mediums! The guy "Greggy" in my head, the am radio I could never shut off, that was a my spirit guide. The spirits I was seeing and hearing were real. The gut instincts and predicting dreams were really a part of my gifts. The feelings I felt in certain places or around certain people, all not me being crazy! The mediums in my family on my Dad's side go back as far as we can find documentation. My Great, Great Grandma was actually the founder of an Aquarian church that is still up and running in California; she even worked with celebrities in her day. My Grandma worked with the police in Montana for years & helped solve many crimes. Both my father and a sibling of his had gifts. My dad passed before he could tell me and his sibling was so afraid of their gift that they refused to develop it. (I chose not to identify them for their privacy)

My Grandma has been the only teacher I've had thus far and due to her poor health & refusal to learn a computer it was limited and mainly through hand written letters. She wanted me to develop my gifts and to help people, but I always managed to be too busy. In October of 2002 I lost my Grandma; the day after she died I got a letter in the mail predicting her death. She also predicted that I was going to write, which is what I do now, but more than that she spent her last few months alive collecting all the books she could, mostly old books she learned from, and asked that I read them all. She wrote letter after letter and kept them for me. The letters helped me understand that my gifts were given to me for a reason and that despite my fears of being looked at as a freak, it's my duty to help people where I can. I'm still learning daily. I'm mostly flying solo with my Dad and my Grandma gone, but I am constantly meeting new people that have helped me develop a little more along the way; which is refreshing.

According to my Grandma I am unique in the sense that most people with gifts have one or two, maybe they can feel things and hear things, maybe they can see spirits and have dreams, etc. I have everything except psychic abilities. I can feel a spirit immediately and I feel everyone's moods and energy immediately. I can sense when something horrible is going to happen, although I never get details which is so horrible. I have more deja voos and dreams that actually happen than anyone else I've ever met. Most importantly and most prominently though I feel, see, and hear spirits. I don't have to "hunt" them (I HATE that word); they come to me all the time. They can wake me from a dead sleep if they see fit. I've been grabbed, shaken, jolted, and screamed awake more times than I can count. I've literally had things fly across the room repeatedly in the hospital, I've had someone wake me by pulling my finger into a pointing position and screaming "Help Erin!" over and over. I have seen and heard them anywhere from the grocery store to school and work.

My current spirit guide's name is Randal, but I've been through a couple between Greggy and him. Greggy was my first guide, he was with me most of my life, until about 21. As an adult I was "transferred" I guess you could say to a guide named Guy. Guy struggled to connect with me and I never really trusted his advice or liked the way he spoke to me. He spoke to me like a gruff old man lecturing a child 24/7, it just never worked, so I was then transferred to Cayce. Cayce was cool, she did the best she could with me, but I always compared everyone to the bond I had with Greggy, which were impossible shoes to fill. Cayce did her job though and we made it work for several years. About a year or two ago, (so bad w/dates) I was transferred to Randall. It wasn't due to compatibility with Cayce, she just said my work in the para field was about to be a huge deal and that I needed someone more equipped to handle that transition. Randall is definitely the closest guide I've had to Greggy so far in terms of personality and teaching style, so it's working out well. Greggy also does stop in every rare once in a while, which is always nice too.

I need to explain some things before I go further, as if this isn't far enough. lol This is extremely important for everyone to understand though. I am not psychic. I do not see the future, I can't tell how many fingers are behind your back, how old you are, what you are thinking, etc. If you are reading this and I have done something like that for you in the past, yes, on rare occasions I can have small previews of the future or do the "how many" game, BUT it's rare, I can't control when it happens, it take a LOT out of me, and I don't like it.

Now, I DO however have extreme sensory. I can sense when something bad will happen, however I very RARELY know details, this is why I panic and call everyone asking if their ok. unfortunately through years of this, I understand when I get that feeling someone is typically not ok. I DO get predicting dreams and lots of deja voos, but once again, I don't control those and typically don't even know that's what they are until I get the deja voo effect. Also, I feel energies like no one's business. You can have the biggest smile in the world on and be laughing it up and everyone in the room will be fooled, but I will feel that something is wrong. Crowded places suffocate me, give me a headache, and drain me; this is because I unintentionally take in everyone's emotions. The mall, the grocery store, huge events... yeah, I'm usually pretty miserable.
Please also know that I do not heal; in fact if I am sad, mad, sick, or stressed my own gifts suffer quite a bit.
This is what I DO do....

I hear, see, and feel spirits. Now I'm not going to debate what a spirit is vs. an entity or ghost, yada yada. I see, hear, and feel people that have passed away that other's can't. Sometimes they are clear as day, sometimes not. Sometimes they look just like you and me, sometimes they are transparent. Sometimes they are a dark shadow, sometimes a bright white figure or shadow. I see them in all forms, day or night; at the store, at home, driving, working, it doesn't matter. Sometimes I see them and they don't say a word. Sometimes I see them and they just start rambling on and on. If there's a message to get out I can help with that, but it's in their control, not mine. Sometimes I can't hear or see them, but I can feel them stronger than an ox. I can't tell you why some talk and some don't, why some are clear and some aren't; honestly I'm still learning myself, but this is what I do, whether I want to or not.

Ok,  I think that's a long enough explanation of my abilities. I do however think it's important to note that not all spirits can come here. There are different skill levels on the other planes and spirits that have not had as many lives or didn't learn enough while on this plane are not always strong enough to come see us; it's especially hard for some to communicate with us. Of course they watch over us, but to come be an active player on this plane takes a great deal of energy that many spirits simply have not obtained yet.

I begged my daddy to come see me for years and years and I never saw or heard from him. Several years ago I started thinking maybe he wasn't strong enough, a year later my guide explained he wasn't strong enough, and then not too long after that one of my Grandma's books explained the exact same thing. My Grandma on the other hand.... after only being passed on a few months had already come to lecture me three different times! After about 15 years of not hearing anything from my dad since his passing, he finally began communicating with me, but for the first year or two it wasn't very strong and was only for brief periods of time. It wasn't like my Grandma who came in full force, guns blaring, waking me up in the middle of the night; her soul is very strong. Oddly enough, today my dad is a VERY strong and active presence in my life and my Grandma I haven't felt all that much in years.  I'm assuming she's now tending to work on the other side. She does still come, so I know she hasn't reincarnated or anything, but it's much less often than it was. My dad on the other hand is around almost daily, he even sits in the car/truck with me most of the time when I drive alone. He helps make miracles happen for us regularly, and always leaves some sign it's from him; normally his signature heart. He's also just there when I need him, when I'm frustrated, lost, sad, or excited and proud. He is now the one I feel stronger than an ox and she is more in the background. If you can't reach a loved one, don't be discouraged, it may be as simple as their soul has not been around as long as another and/or they are still learning on the other side.

Wow, this is phenomenally long; I guess I was just trying to answer all the questions up front before I got flooded with a million of them. If you actually took the time to read all of this, I am sorry. lol If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime; you can also get many questions answered via my Youtube channel; there's a link on the contact page.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the site.
Have a wonderful day.


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