ParanormalPI's Guide for Today's Spiritually Gifted Youth is a book that's written for the spiritually gifted youth and that is partially written by gifted contributors.

It's a unique, hybrid, anthology styled book that's basically Chicken Soup meets a how to guide meets a self help book. It's a collection of letters, poems, stories, and artwork from gifted contributors. In that sense it’s sort of like Chicken Soup, but throughout each chapter I also give advice and share my experiences. Throughout the book is also my own personal how-to's, tips, advice, and general things I think gifted children and their parents should know and that’s where the how-to-guide / self help aspects come in.

I'm personally a multi-gifted medium with numerous gifts. I came into my abilities when I was about 10 although I had a few experiences when I was about 9. When I was 12 my gifts went into full swing & I had no idea what was going on. Was I crazy? Was I taken over by evil? What was happening?? The unfortunate part was that I lost my dad when I was 10 so I couldn’t talk to him, my Grandmother was not allowed to discuss it with me, my friends didn’t understand, and my mom thought I was both mentally ill and possessed by the devil. For many years I had no one to turn to, vent to, learn from, etc. until my Grandma finally explained who I was and where I came from. Even then my Grandma lived states away and didn’t understand technology, so aside from a few letters and a few phone calls I was generally coping and learning all on my own.

Starting now I want a place of reference that the spiritually gifted youth can go to and refer to when they feel lost and alone, when they are trying to understand something, when they feel crazy, or even just when they need some inspiration. With the help of contributors from all over the world I was able to create a guidebook for spiritually gifted children that's like no other and I'm honored to have been able to do so.


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