I have a question, this is a serious question because I can believe one thing, but I don't know jack about technology.
So, I notice a lot of people post their "paranormal" pics online & then other people come & de-bunk them. My question is...

Do you think spirits could "make" these things happen? By that I mean... ok, I don’t know the terms, but lets say you see a face in an image & it's there clear as day & someone says, yes I see it, but its not a spirit it's "movement+glare+pixalation"; no idea if that's even possible, I'm just saying as an example right?

So do you think a spirit that wants to be seen could cause the "movement+glare+pixalation" to occur so that you could get the image they want you to see? Does this make sense?

Couldn't a spirit create an explainable effect to look like an unmistakable image? If so, then technically didn't you still catch a spirit? It's just my thought process; I'm way open to your opinions. I love to see both sides, logic & plain belief, but I am a strict believer that anything is possible & our instincts tell us truths better then anything. I just think, while not all, maybe some explainable pics could still possibly be caused by the paranormal. =)

 Btw, I am only talking about very clear pictures of things that although are distinct images, may have technological explanation behind them. I am not talking about little wisps here and there or random catches of glare. If there is definitely a distinct shape or image, do you think although explainable, a spirit could have caused the explainable things to take place in order for you to see what they want you to see? If that makes sense.