I've always been mixed on the topic of aliens. When I was young, before anyone's opinions were put on me, I was convinced there were aliens; in fact I was sort of obsessed. As my gifts came in & I began to communicate with the other side and & I began to study all I have, I really stopped thinking there were aliens, but lately I can't help but question it. In fact, in terms of the paranormal… orbs and aliens are the two topics that despite what I see, hear, read, or feel from anyone or anything living or dead, I still can't make an indefinite opinion.

This is an interesting topic for me because typically I have strong feelings in one direction or another on everything haha, with aliens I just can’t lean either way.

As a kid I full on collected hundreds of little green aliens, I loved them. Anything with flying saucers caught my eye, & I swore every crazy set of lights in the sky I saw had to be aliens. My theory was that it was selfish to think of all the space in the universe that earth would be the only planet with intelligent life.

After my gifts came in I began hearing from spirits throughout the years that there were not aliens and a lot of the books I was reading second that.

As of today…. despite what I hear from the other side & read in books, I still have that childhood voice saying why would we be the only species of life form aside from animals, insects, etc.? I’ve also had a few spirits say there are in fact aliens and that only the strongest souls are able to travel to the plane where they can come into contact with aliens & that is why most spirits don’t believe there are aliens. Now, I’ve known spirits to lie or be misinformed so to speak, but that kind of makes sense to me. That theory goes well in correlation with some other information I know regarding what stronger spirits can do and get access too, so…. Who knows!

What do you think about Aliens? I’ll post a thread about them in my forums section & you can voice your opinion there. To clarify, I believe if there are aliens they are probably very similar to humans & no I don’t believe they would anal probe us or cut open our brains. IF they exist, I would imagine they are smarter then us & don’t need to cut us open for information or shove magic dildos up our back-end so please none of that nonsense on the forms, lets be logical adults here.

Thanks guys! =)