A while back Swaggable sent me a complimentary two pack of “Alsa” energy drink mix. I gave it 5 out of 5 stars and was overall very happy with the experience.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Alsa packets I received, actually I was very surprised!

To be quite honest I didn't believe that a tiny bit of powder in a little blue packet could help keep me awake, after all I've been relying on Rockstars and RedBulls for years, but it did. I work graveyard, a shift that I'm actually new to, and this packet came just in time; I actually received it in the mail on a day I didn't have time to grab a Rockstar. I took it with me just on the off chance it could help even a little, but instead it worked perfectly.

It tastes pretty good, it was super easy to use, and the boost was perfect, it kept me up without making me jittery or making it impossible for me to fall asleep once I was home. It's also great that you can just add it to water. I took the first pack before I left the house in a glass from my cupboard and the second pack I took half way through my shift and just poured it into my water bottle, it was very convenient.

I would not only recommend Alsa to others, but I think I may buy some myself! =)

A+ From ParanormalPI ;)