I don’t believe that angels are special creatures created just to be angels, they are the spirits of humans, therefore they are the same structure/creation as all other spirits.

Since they were still humans at one point why should we refer to them as “angels” rather than just “spirits” like all the others? Well I believe we give the spirits that make it their duty to put others at ease and help them in their time of need a specific name. On earth, while our bodies are alive, we are all humans, but our jobs as humans are different and we understand a person’s job duties by their title, such as a police officer or a doctor.  

I think the issue isn’t the terminology, it’s making sure people understand the specifics or lack there of behind the terms they throw around so loosely. There are spirits that make it their priority to help humans in crisis. They may come to us as soft, light, and in an as pure looking way as possible so that our human brains that have been conditioned to that image of an “angel” will feel safe and believe they are here to help, but does the fact they choose to appear brighter than other spirits choose to appear make them holier then other spirits? Not at all.

“Angels” are not made from and do not come from a different place then other spirits, they are simply humans that passed away that chose helping others in their time of need as their job. We can give them the job title “Angel” if we’d like, but that doesn’t mean there are wings, violins, harps, etc. That angel is not closer to god then all other spirits, there may in fact be many spirits stronger, but they chose a different path, maybe their job is to be a spirit guide and help those living with their gifts; trust me many of those guys/girls are very wise and close to god.

The point is, we can give helpful and kind spirits the title of Angel if we’d like, especially those that go above and beyond to make us feel safe or at ease. We do however need to understand that they are not a different creature then other spirits; they are not wiser, closer to god, or any other special things that are often associated with the stigma of angels. They are great spirits that are doing their part to help the living where they can and honestly that’s all there is to it. Being an “Angel”, if you chose to use that term, is just their job. Appearing in all white or glowy and flowing is simply the uniform they opt to wear in order to help us conditioned humans feel safe and sure of their purpose.

If we could all understand all of this then we could call them whatever we want and there would be a lot less controversy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million times, in the paranormal, interpretation and perception is EVERYTHING. =)