If I don't believe in angels & demons (which I don't) can I possibly believe in non-human creatures? I'm Irish & our heritage very much believes in leprechauns, fairies, banshees, etc. I've always been fascinated with the Loch Ness Monster too, yet I can not bring myself to fully believe there are non-human creatures or spirits. I think it'd almost be hypocritical for me to believe there are when I don't believe in angels & demons. 

Why don't I believe?  I've never seen them that's why. Isn't that messed up? I want others to believe in what they can't see with regards to spirits & yet I can't do the same with creatures. Don't get me wrong, I don't NOT believe, I'm just not sure I do believe either. With the topic of demons and angels I am fully sure of my view, yet with this topic I'm still really on the fence for both directions.

Part of me says, there are tons of different living animals, inspects, and aquatic species out there even right now, so if there's all these different creatures living today, why couldn't there be other types of creatures, living or dead? I mean there were once dinosaurs and I'm still 50/50 in terms of my belief in aliens; maybe these other creatures people say they see are real and they were god's experiments; pre-humans like the dinosaurs, who knows.

With the Loch Ness, I strongly believe it to be one of the last remaining species from Atlantis, a time way before this, so maybe there were other creatures in other times; we just haven't found the physical evidence yet. If I can believe in Atlantis & the Loch Ness Monster why is it that I'm still not sold yet when people say they saw a paranormal non-human creature?

My gut says even if there are actually other creatures out there, much like angles and demons, society has most likely warped their stories, descriptions, and intentions into something other then what they truly are. This means even if I did believe in non-human, non-animal, paranormal creatures, I could only believe half of it because the other have would most likely be tainted, twisted, bullshit.

So..... Any advice, tips, beliefs, research, etc.?
What do you think about creatures &/or about my thought process?

P.S. Once again, my mind isn't set either way & I'm fully open to all views, perspectives, experiences, and beliefs so please don't hesitate to share your perspectives on the topic.