I have mixed feelings about my e.Booth (#BodyByCBooth) lotion. I LOVE this smell. I got Vanilla Butter and it smells great. I don't usually even like vanilla smells, but I love this scent. I love how much I got for the price; I feel the bottle size is awesome. My favorite part though is that it's a pump. As crazy as this may sound, I've never hard a pump lotion before. I am sort of a lotion whore and you'd think with all the lotion I've owned over the years that I would have, but nope. The pump lotion is soooo convenient. I have it in my hall closet so I can just walk up to it, pump, and keep walking as I apply; it's awesome. I think I'll definitely be looking for pump based bottles from now on. =)

The downfalls however may be deal breakers, which I am sad about. The first is that it's super thick so I always have to wash my hands right after or they just feel icky. The other is that even after it's been dry a long time, my husband still complains that I'm too greasy/oily. He only makes that complaint on days I've used this particular lotion.

I love the smell and the pump factor, but sadly if my man doesn't want to touch me because I'm too greasy then it's got to go. Plus to be honest one of my biggest pet peeves ever is that gross thick feeling on my hands after applying lotion that's too thick.

In terms of it being 4-in-1 with moisturizing, firming, and all that jazz.... Let's be real, none of those really work so I wasn't really expecting it to. I haven't noticed any difference in those departments, but I never expected to either.

If you don't mind thick and greasy then it's a great buy. It's convenient and smells great so for some that may be worth overlooking.

Disclaimer: I got this product free from @Influenster & @FreemanBeauty!