I had a friend question whether or not spirits could see them due to getting mixed and inaccurate answers via a spirit box. The answer to this question is complicated and while I do know that spirits can see us, some clear as day, there are a lot of variables that may affect this.

The condition of a spirit is an important factor. If an earthbound spirit is still discombobulated or confused then their head and even their vision may be affected. They may not be sure of where they are, who you are, who they are, what they need, or even what they see. Please note that this is a rare occurrence. As I’ve stated in past blogs, it’s rare for a spirit to be extremely confused for too long; it does happen which is why I mention it, but it is rarer.

I believe the most common cause of poor vision is the same as here on this plane; distance. As I’ve explained in previous blogs, the afterlife does not consist of heaven, hell, purgatory, and earthbound spirits; instead it’s many, many different planes and dimensions. Spirits end up in different planes depending on their skill level or lack there of and their job or position on the other side.

An earthbound spirit that isn’t just trying to screw with someone and that has full clarity should be able to see fairly clearly. Spirits that have crossed over will be on different planes, some closer to us and some further away. Some spirits are more advanced and they will most likely in turn also have more clarity. Let’s say I hold up three fingers and you are on top of a mountain without binoculars, you probably won’t see shit. Now let’s say you are across the street and I hold up three fingers; you may be able to see it and you may not. However, assuming your vision is fine, if I am standing in front of you face to face and holding up three fingers most likely you will be able to see them.

As I’ve also discussed before, spirits that have crossed over come here less often and for shorter time frames, they can come to visit this plane during their recess or lunch break as I like to call them. During this time frame they are on our plane and therefore much closer and their vision will be much clearer then when they are on their primary plane. If you were to have session with a medium and your loved one came through; that would mean they were on their lunch break and visiting our plane for that brief session; then they would go back to whatever plane they came from; if that makes sense.

Spirit Guides are constantly moving between planes, but we pretty much only interacts with them when they are on our plane, therefore their perception should be pretty accurate. Whether a spirit is earthbound, crossed over, or a guide can affect vision. What plane a spirit is on can affect vision. Finally, a spirit’s level of strength and experience can affect how much they are able to see and how clearly. A crossed over spirit that’s on a further plane then another closer to us, but that is a much more advanced soul may actually have better vision of us then the spirit that’s closer. I know that sounds like a contradiction, but as I said there are a lot of factors and sometimes one factor can cancel out another.

The point is: The type of spirit, the location, and the experience level = The vision clarity of spirits.

The MOST important thing I want you all to understand is that spirits lie and they often enjoy messing with people; especially earthbound spirits. I must say, if I chose to stay earthbound and every time I turned around I was being asked stupid questions like “What’s your name?” 50 times in 30 minutes or “How many fingers am I holding up?” over and over again, well I’d get annoyed enough to screw around too, but that’s a whole other blog in itself; isn’t it? =)

Not all spirits that give inaccurate information are doing so to be an ass, some really don’t know the answers because they haven’t crossed over yet or because they haven’t leveled up to high enough planes to know; some simply can’t see your fingers clearly…. However, many times, especially with earthbound spirits; they lie because it’s funny and because they can. Don’t ever believe everything a spirit says, but also don’t always assume they are being an ass, sometimes they really just don’t know the answers you’re looking for. =)