Do all spirits know they are dead? Mmmm.... probably, but it's not quite that simple; this is a very tricky and somewhat confusing topic. In extremely quick or extremely severe accidents to “living” humans, our bodies and even our minds go into a state of shock. There are humans that just stand there clueless while their arm is missing; somewhere in them they have to know they just lost an arm, but due to shock they aren't able to acknowledge it. I strongly believe this is the same for some souls. Those souls that are caught off guard by their death to such extremity can go into a state of shock so to speak and they can't quite grasp the reality that they are dead. They may know somewhere with in them, but as a whole they just can't grasp that thought or reality.

“Living” humans will have someone run up to someone in shock with a missing arm and go "Oh my god, are you ok? Your arm is gone!" this person is then forced to acknowledge the event. If a spirit doesn't have other souls or gifted living souls to say, "Oh my god, are you ok? You are dead", then they can live in that state of shock for a while. So do they know something happened? Was it traumatic? Of course, somewhere in them; but what they understand in their present state isn't always the reality of their situation.

I also want to mention that "un-aware" souls are a rarity. It's important to understand that they exist and why, but they are not the norm, contrary to what the movies, tv shows, and inexperienced paranormal groups may often imply. Any spirit I've ever known of that was not aware of their passing, or not conscious of it, had never left the site of their death. Due to the "shock" so to speak, they seem to have been frozen to that place just in shock. If a soul is wondering about and trying to communicate with people odds are they are more then aware they have passed on.

It is possible if a soul “just passed”, that they could be active and unaware at the same time, because they are frantically trying to process everything, but haven’t been able to retain or comprehend the details of what has happened to them. So let’s say you’re a witness to a horrible crash and you rush over to help. If the soul has passed and still doesn’t understand, you may feel, see, or hear things paranormal as the spirit tries to ask questions, physically interact, etc. I remember my accident; I was physically moving and talking, but my head was seriously in another place. I was actually in such bad shock that the police officer had to tell me I had been grabbing my shoulder for 15 minutes, I honestly didn’t even realize it. It wasn’t for about an hour after all the commotion was over and my adrenaline had calmed down that the pain kicked in. I was mentally in the state of shock, even though I was physically and verbally interacting with others.

A fresh spirit, in shock, can still interact, but I would say “typically” at or very close to their death site only. If a spirit has been passed a while and it’s interacting with the living, they know they are dead. If you never leave your death site and there’s no one around to tell you you’re dead or for you to repeatedly attempt to communicate with to no avail, then sure, I could sadly see a spirit being confused a long time. However, if a spirit has left where they died by quite a distance or if they’ve been attempting to interact with the living for a while, then they clearly will notice no one can see or hear them or that they aren’t needing to eat or use a restroom, it will click for them. They may then protest crossing, but they know they are dead.

I think this particular blog will probably grow as people respond because with a topic like this one it’s bound to strike controversial opinions. Hopefully for now though, you get my general perspective on the topic and hopefully it was clear enough to follow, as it’s a hard one to explain.