Alright folks! I believe this blog is much needed. It will clearly strike up controversy as many of my topics do, maybe even with people I know personally, but I think it needs to be put out there anyway. I will post this and respond to reasonable feedback, I however refuse to argue rubbish or go into a debate on the topic. With that said, here we go….
A lot of people very much believe in demons, how can they not? Society, especially the media, has conditioned us to believe in them. The reality as I know it is that there really are no such things as demons; there simply aren’t. Now before you go getting those panties all wound up let me try and explain. I did not say there isn’t evil; I said there are not demons. I understand that big world famous book known as “The Bible”, those big buildings called “churches”, and half of Hollywood leads society to believe in these non-human spawns of Satan that run around causing havoc and possessing people, but that simply isn’t how it works. Once again, I didn’t say there isn’t evil, I said non-human creatures of the devil do not exist.

One of the biggest issues in the paranormal community today is the misuse and misunderstanding of terminology. This issue will be addressed in a later blog of mine, but it definitely applies here as well so I need to briefly address it. A negative spirit can do most of the hype people claim "demons" do. There are bad humans because there are bad souls and when they die they either learn from their crap on earth and move forward like everyone else or they stay negative and become a negative spirits; it's that simple.

Now, I understand that I will get a butt load of people explaining their experiences, especially of blessings and cleansings, so let’s address this. I do not doubt there are negative or even evil spirits, a blessing if done right, may help rid the house of that spirit. The issue is people are very much confusing the terminology. A demon is supposed to be a non-human, evil, creature of the devil and that is not how it works. Those spirits that cause havoc and pain were at some point a human being, they are now a soul, a spirit; not a creature of the devil. I am sorry if you disagree, you're entitled to your opinion. I don't doubt many of people's experiences, I simply believe the terms used and the understanding of what exactly is causing the experiences is misunderstood and misinterpreted.

I will say this again, I’m not saying there are not evil spirits, I’m saying there are not non-human, evil creatures. A negative spirit, especially if strong enough, can make you feel or see whatever it wants. It can also cause pain for humans and animals just as a negative or evil human can. These spirits were once humans, bad humans, but humans. You can if done properly, rid a place of negative or evil spirits, but not with holy water, sage, and other random tools people use. Not solely on a prayer from the world famous bible and not only by a guy with a big cross around his neck.

Anyone who has conviction, who is truly not afraid, who genuinely wants it, and can really center themselves to pray as genuinely as possible can rid an evil spirit from a location and/or person. If there is more then one negative spirit at a time you may need multiple people that fit this description, but again they don’t need the smoke and mirrors, simply genuine intent, conviction, and little to no fear. I won’t go through the cleansing processes here, but know the hocus pocus about demons is often followed by the hocus pocus that goes with ridding a person or place of them.

Are evil spirits going to fight a proper cleansing? Is this still a dangerous process? Of course! Police are highly trained to confront, apprehend, and at times rid society of evil humans, just as it requires trained people to deal with evil spirits. Now that sounds like a contradiction I know, anyone with intent can rid evil & then saying you need special training; both are true. You do need to know what to do and be 100% ready for a cleansing, however in the police academy only a select few are skilled, physically trained, and able enough to join the force; in the enforcement of ridding evil spirits I’d say almost anyone could, IF properly trained to handle the task, even children; I hope that clarifies that a little. To those doing cleansing for people and doing so without the smoke and mirrors, I appreciate you.

Now, to those of you studying demonology, oh boy, how do I explain this? Right highway, wrong exit... I haven’t studied demonology so I can’t comment on what you’ve learned and not learned, but I’m willing to bet a great deal of your studies, your experiences, and your information is likely real and fairly accurate; minus the term demon, the fact that they are non-human, and that they are from the devil.

As to details like shape-shifters and other foreign creature (not counting animals), I’m not necessarily going there right now; but know that any spirit, if strong enough, can make themselves appear anyway they want. If they are strong and they want badly enough for you to see them as a creature they’ve created then they can and will make themselves appear to you that way. You will have seen, heard, or felt whatever it is you know you experienced, but it’s because that strong soul that was once a human wanted you to experience it that way, not necessarily because it’s the truest reality.

Most spirits, good and evil, understand that the humans of today are conditioned to certain images of good and evil, i.e. angels vs. ugly creatures. In order for an exceptionally high (good) spirit to make it clear how pure they are and that they have only good intentions they very well could make themselves look angelic or in the typical form that society views angels as, simply so that it’s quicker and easier for the receiver to understand their role and purpose.

In the end it really all comes down to perception, even an angel isn't an angel in the sense that society makes them to be. Angels are simply spirits that worked hard and moved up so to speak and that devote their time to helping others, but that too is another blog in itself. The fact is that we see what we want and what we believe and we see what a spirit shows us in order for us to best understand what they need or want us to see or understand; hopefully that wasn’t too confusing. Lol

Know this, I don’t doubt what you experience, I’m simply telling you that not everything is always as it seems. There are not demons, they are simply strong yet bad souls that like to manipulate and cause distress and confusion for the living. Clearly they are doing a good job, especially in terms of confusion. A soul is a soul, the way we see these souls, good or bad, is all in our own interpretation and/or the interpretation the spirit intended you to see it as.