Healing, is it real? If it’s real is only internal healing real? How far can the healing go? How does it work? Who can do it? Etc.

I personally can not heal, I do however believe in healers to an extent. Do I think a healer can cure your cancer or fix your broken bones? Of course not, but I do believe that there are individuals out there that have energies that promote faster healing & well being.

I have met people that say it’s all crap, I have met people that say only you can heal yourself with your own internal energies, and I have met people that believe in miracles of healers that are far beyond what I personally believe.

My son has had a natural way with his hands, to very easily, very quickly, help my back and neck since he was super young. I fractured my back when I was 15 and my back and neck have never fully recovered from it. I spent two years in physical therapy and tried all the tricks in the book & to this day no one has been able to loosen the muscles and make things shift the way he has always been able to. He also has talked about being a masseuse since he was very young. Now, some people are naturally good with their hands, some people were born to be masseuses, doctors, etc., but then aren’t they healers?

What about people, much like myself, that naturally are able to relate to almost any person and situation and they can not only listen, but give great advice. The natural psychiatrists and therapist, they help heal the mind and soul don’t they?

So then what is a healer? These doctors, masseuses, therapists, etc. they help us heal in different ways, sometimes they chose to study these fields for money or other reasons, but sometimes, a lot of times, it’s just in their essences, it’s their calling; so why is it these people are so good at making others feel better?

Maybe these people don’t count & you are only a healer if you make people feel better, but don’t have a high status professional label like doctor or psychiatrist to attach to. If that’s the case then who are we to say that others don’t have the ability to make others feel better in different aspects more so then the average person could.

This clearly, like so much of the paranormal, is a matter of perspective. So, what do you consider a healer? Do you even believe in healers? If you do, what can they do, what can’t they do, and what do you think about the healers of today with the fancy titles? Are they that much different then the self proclaimed healers out there that have never hurt anyone or scammed anyone for money, but simply don’t have rights to the fancy titles?

I am ALWAYS open to everyone’s opinions, knowledge, and feedback so please hop on the discussion boards and let me know what you think. See you there! =)