My friends at Influenster sent me the awesome Neutrogena Naturals Voxbox (#wipeforwater) and it’s time to tell you what I thought. You can find the original unboxing at:, but there is updated info since that video that you’ll find here.

So initially I was super excited to try these. I know Neutrogena is known for skin care and to be honest I had just ran out of the wipes I was using so the timing was great. =) 

I really liked the packaging, it was a cool green color, the size was perfect for sitting on my bathroom counter, being tucked in a hall or bathroom drawer, and even for fitting in my purse if needed. It was also easy to open and pulling out the wipes was a synch. There weren’t any issues with the wipes coming out two at a time or ripping as I pulled them out.

The wipes themselves were super soft, perfectly thick, and smelled amazing; I very much enjoyed everything about them during the unboxing. Once I got home and tried them I found that they worked great, especially for my eye make-up. I wear a ton of eye liner, usually eye shadow, and sometimes mascara; the fact that it was so easy to get it all off was impressive. Seeing how effective they were I immediately added the pictures and glowing update to my unboxing video.

FAST FORWARD SEVERAL DAYS…… and Oooops, no bueno anymore.

I had been using the wipes on my entire face, not just on my eyes, because well they are meant fort that, but sadly after using them for several days I found that I was breaking out left and right. It was not nearing that time of the month, I hadn’t broken out in a long time, and I had not changed a single thing to my skin care routine other than these; I was so disappointed and not very happy. I just can’t use a product that makes me break out, especially seeing as the point of removing your makeup is partially to prevent breakouts.

I do have sensitive skin, which I think it worth mentioning here. I am always super careful what products I use and rarely put anything on my face because I will breakout super easily. I was hoping since this was a Neutrogena product and they do so much with acne that I wouldn’t have to worry, but clearly that wasn’t the case.

Here’s what I’ll say, the packaging is great, the wipes are the perfect thickness and are very soft, they smell awesome, and work very effectively, BUT if you have sensitive skin I would shy away from them. If you’re skin isn’t all that sensitive then maybe you’ll be a-ok, but I had to put out the warning for those of you with finicky skin like myself. I’m way bummed, but it is what it is.

DISCLAIMER: "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

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