The awesome people at Influenster sent me another box of goodies to check out; I love them. haha I am a little sad to say that for the first time ever I'm disappointed with almost everything in the box, but that's why they do this right? To make products better. Anyway, there were some things I loved though, so that's good.

Let's take a look at what I got and talk about it a bit, shall we?

I received:

* Eva-NYC - Dry Shampoo
* Tide - 4 in 1 Downy Pods (Laundry Soap)
* Rimmel London - Oh My Gloss - Oil Tint (Lip Gloss)
* Rimmel London - Scandaleyes Precision Micro Eye Liner (Liquid)
* Nyakio - Kenyan Coffee Face Polish (Exfoliator)
* 7th Heaven - Soften Sock Masques (Foot Treatment Socks)
* Nivea - In-shower Body Lotion

I think the best thing to do is just go item by item, so here we go.

Eva-NYC - Dry Shampoo
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It says it cleans your hair without water, absorbs excess oil, & is for ALL hair types and guess what? It totally works! Most of you should know by now that my hair is no joke and virtually nothing works on it. Hairspray doesn't hold, leave-in's make me greasy, curling products don't work, and if I don't have my John Frieda shampoo and conditioner my hair throws the tantrum of the century. Don't even get me started on maintenance, I will fully admit that it's common for me to go three days without washing my hair because to blow dry and straighten it every day would never happen, it's such a long ass ordeal for my wild, thick, full mane.

With that said, the concept of dry shampoo always seemed way too good to be true. On my day three of not washing I definitely am not a huge fan of how it looks. It's doable, but certainly not day one or two hair. A product that can get you through that third day looking better than it normally should would be awesome. My hair though, it's thick, there's tons of it, and it responds to nothing, so it certainly wouldn't magically look better because I sprayed an aerosol can at it. This is 100% what I thought, so I never bought one. I was so wrong. This stuff is magic in a can!

I think for me, because my hair is so thick and stubborn I would go through more than most faster than most, so I would definitely need a larger can. The smell is ok, at first I didn't really like it too much, but it sort of grew on me and now I think I do; weird I know. It does what it's supposed to though! My hair almost instantly went from flat and sort of greasy to much lighter, fuller, and dryer; it was astonishing and amazing. This is probably the best new product I've tried in a VERY long time and I'm pretty excited it exists. lol If it works on my hair I can't imagine it won't work on everyone's; I totally and completely recommend it to all. =)

Tide - 4 in 1 Downy Pods (Laundry Soap)
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Well, to be honest this is hard to say how I feel because they only sent me one POD which isn't a whole lot to decide if I like a product or not. Pods in general are definitely convenient, you just throw the sucker in and call it a day, which is nice I guess. I did smell it on my clothes for about a day, not much longer than that, but it seems to me that's pretty standard.

It says it's 4 in 1 with Downy, I have no idea what the 4 or the 1 features or products are, nor did I notice any additional softness from the downy feature, but you know marketing, I really wasn't expecting anything special. As far as I'm concerned it easy to use, but no different than any other Pod detergent, but again I only had one to go off of.

Rimmel London - Oh My Gloss - Oil Tint (Lip Gloss)
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Oh man, this one makes me sad. When I saw that big 'ol bottle of pink lip gloss I was ecstatic, but that only lasted a minute or so. I don't even know where to start in the list of disappointments here.
How about I start with what I like. The packaging is great, I love the silver and pink and the twisty style is cool. The wand tip is actually sort of genius, I will give them that. It's more flat on both sides, so you sort of just glide it on, which is great. It is soft/or smooth when you apply it, not goopy or sticky, so that's nice. Finally the size is great. If this was a product I'd ever buy again I'd be super happy with how much they offer you; sadly I'd never buy this and here's the reasons why...

To start it smells like paint, not like anything you want to put on your mouth. The color isn't a color, it's a "tint" of color, which I suppose they do warn you about when they say "oil tint", but like who wants gloss they can barely see? I don't know, I guess that defeats the point of wearing colored gloss if you ask me. Once you have it on for a few minutes your lips sort of start to feel dry. It's almost like paint, it goes on wet and smooth, but as it dries it becomes more rough and cracked, except it's on your lips and it's more rough and grainy then cracked. Finally, the main reason I'd never buy it is because it lasts all of 5 seconds. It's bad enough you barely get color, but that "tint" is gone almost immediately.

Like I said, I'm so bummed, I was super excited to use this stuff. I've had good experiences with Rimmel in the past, in fact I'm still obsessed with the Rimmel (700 Nude Delight) Moisture Renew Lipstick that Influenster sent me like a year ago, but sadly this was a major flop. I think I could get over the smell and I suppose if I put a good color lipstick color under and used it as a pretty standard gloss it'd be doable, but the fact that it doesn't last at all is a total game changer for me. Sorry Rimmel, but I'm definitely not a fan of this one. =/

Rimmel London - Scandaleyes Precision Micro Eye Liner (Liquid)
[#RimmelRebelUSA, #RimmerLondonUS, @RimmelLondonUS]

Hmmm.... This one is harder to asses for me. I should start by saying I'm liquid eye liner challenged. I continue to try no liquid eye liners in hopes that I'll one day master it, but between having hooded eyes and super shaky hands it's just an uphill battle for me. I will keep trying though. With that said... This is the easiest liquid eye liner I've ever used. I still make a ridiculous mess, but it's a smaller ridiculous mess than usual. lol The super fine point tip makes it much easier to line the eye and eyelid. Wiping it off was pretty easy if done right away, but it was much harder if you leave it on too long, I've done both since trying to use it. That's where this is harder for me to asses.

It says "Precision Micro Eyeliner", "Stay True Color", "Waterproof", and "Up to 24 Hours". I would definitely say the Precision Micro is totally right, but the rest is sort of hard to gauge. For "Stay True Color" I disagree. I think the eye liner does last a long time, but when you first put it on it's super black (which is awesome), but pretty quickly it fades to a light black. It says "Waterproof" and while it was hard to get off all the way, which would seem waterproof, it did smear when my eyes watered and even just throughout the day, so I'm not sure how "Waterproof" it is; ya know? It's like "Yeah.... but... I mean.... I dunno...". As for 24 hours, well I don't leave make-up on for 24 hours so who knows, maybe?

I struggle with liquid, but it is the easiest liquid eye liner I've ever used. It lasts a while, even if it fades a bit, but most eye liners do. I'd say if you're good at liquid eye liner then you'll love this, if you're not then this is a good eye liner to practice with for sure. While I won't be using it as my daily eye liner, it did save the day for me last week when my eye liner completely fell out of it's shell in the car and all I had was it. It's also great for me to practice with.
Overall I'd say it's a good product, especially for people that prefer liquid eye liner.

Nyakio - Kenyan Coffee Face Polish (Exfoliators)
[#NyakioBeauty, @NyakioBeauty]

Oh man guys, this was horrible. I was excited to try this because I'm so frustrated with my skin right now so I'm always super eager to try new products, especially stuff like exfoliators. With that said, my skin is crazy sensitive to damn near everything, so I was a little afraid to try it, but for the most I was excited.

The label says "For all skin types", but apparently it's not for Lei Lei's skin type. lol When I put it on it was actually sort of frustrating. It was very hard to apply. Rather than gliding it on everywhere every time I tried to slide some on, the stuff I just applied would just move to the new place I was trying to apply new stuff to. It was just moving chunks from one place on my face to another, it's hard to explain. To get it everywhere was a real challenge as it just kept shifting around instead of staying put. It didn't feel like it was doing anything and it didn't feel good on my face. After washing it off it was like I had never applied anything to my face in the first place.

The WORST part of all of it... It's been two weeks since I used this product and there's still a strange spot on my left cheek that still has a breakout. My face breaks out once a month, only during Aunt Flo time, but even then after about a week (at most) there's no sign of that break out left, like ever. I broke out almost immediately after using this stuff and two weeks later there is still that breakout patch... Yeah, that's intense. I know it says Kenyan Coffee, but I have no idea what the crap is in Kenyan Coffee, whatever it is... MY face is not a fan. It was a frustrating experience from beginning to end, so sadly I have to recommend you try it at your own risk; especially if you have sensitive skin.

7th Heaven - Soften Sock Masques (Foot Treatment Socks)
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These are fun. =) At first I thought they looked like weird space shoes, but they're actually pretty cool. I really didn't notice any smell, not good, not bad, I just didn't smell anything. When you put your feet in them it is a weird feeling, like you're walking around in a bag of lotion, I think that's because you're walking around in a bag of lotion. lol Well I tried not too walk much, but I did have to get up a couple times in that 15 minute window.

When you take them off I would recommend having socks handy immediately. Even after you massage the left over stuff into your feet they're still a little goopy and then gross stuff from the ground will stick to your feet; learn from my mistakes. =)

The lotion did make my feet feel soft and they've felt kinda fresh all day. It's hard to explain what I mean by that, but I like it. =)

Overall it was a fun experience, I look forward to trying the manicure set next.

Nivea - In-shower Body Lotion
[#NiveaInfluenster, @NiveaUSA]

Oy vay guys, another disappointment. Like Rimmel, I've used good Nivea products in the past so I had high hopes, although to be honest as soon as I saw "In-shower Body Lotion" I was a little perplexed. I pretty much assumed it was body wash with a fancy name as a marketing ploy so the first thing I did in the shower was attempt to use it to shave my arm pits, (No, I don't always use shaving cream). Anyway, BIG mistake... there's a reason it's called lotion and not body wash; that shit is thick! So despite it totally feeling like lotion in texture, I washed my body with it, I'm assuming that's what I was supposed to do? Um... It felt greasy and thick and not clean at all. After my shower I felt almost sticky, it wasn't a good experience. I genuinely have no clue what the point of a super thick, lotion based substance in the shower would be. I mean the idea is to remove grime and grease, not create more. I literally am shaking my head in confusion as I write this. I read a shit tons of reviews on this and I don't know if everyone is just trying to be nice or if I just got a bad batch, but it was not a good experience for me. The idea that you put lotion on for second just ot wash it off doesn't seem beneficial in the first place because I ALWAYS have to put lotion on after my shower anyways, this time was not exception, except now I also felt sort of grimy. (YES, I thoroughly rinsed and scrubbed it off) it's like an invisible film, I don't know how to explain it.

I don't understand the point, I almost ruined my razor because I tried using it in the shower like a body wash (Yes, my own fault), it didn't make my skin any more moisturized, and in fact I felt dirtier using it then before my shower. Sadly I am not a fan and super dry skin or not I can not recommend it to others. It's not even something that I can say maybe if you like this or have this type of skin, like a lot of products, I really don't think it's a good product. Like I said, how can it moisturize anything if you wash it right off and if it does stay after you wash it off, then it's probably that filmy feeling I was feeling and that's not fun either; so both ways it's no bueno. I dunno kids, usually Nivea is a good brand, but sometimes duds happen, I think that's the case here. =/