I got yet another awesome hookup from my friends at Influenster!
They sent me a PUR 11 Cup Pitcher to test out and I couldn't be happier. =)

I’m a full time bottle water user myself and as a household I’d say we go through about (8) 24 cases of water a month. I’ve never been a huge fan of filtered water, but I’m happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised! I recently started using a Bobble and while the Bobble was better than tap water, I still wasn’t super satisfied with the water quality. This PUR pitcher definitely blows Bobble out of the water, no pun intended, and even tastes better than store bought bottled water.

It looks very sleek and cool, the lid is super easy to fill which is nice, and the water tastes amazing, like flawless! The LED notification light isn’t working at all unfortunately, but had it worked I think it would have been a cool feature. =)

Just for convenience reasons I think while I’m out and about I’ll still be using store bought water or my bobble, but it will definitely be replacing my bottle water while drinking at home! I have NEVER been truly happy with a water filtration system before, but PUR definitely changed that. =)

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