Purgatory - wow! I saw a discussion on purgatory the other day & someone suggested that those that go to purgatory end up evil spirits, it took all my will to not write a very extensive response to that clearly ignorant person, but I held back & now I think it’s a topic that needs to be discussed here.

Wow, what a tricky topic, I'm not sure why I haven't covered it yet, especially since I was told my whole life by my bible humping mom & step-dad that my dad was either in hell or purgatory, both for being gay & for committing suicide. People, my dad is not now an evil spirit, know that. Haha What is wrong with people!?! I actually have to laugh at that.

Anyway.... I will have to in due time write a blog solely on planes on the other side & how they work, but for now I'll try to explain the basics.

When we die we don’t go to heaven, we don’t go to hell, and we don’t go to purgatory. We go to another plane, that plane will be different for most of us. The other side honestly is like school in the sense that it’s almost like grade school. Our job in this life and in all the past lives we’ve ever had is to learn, learn something we didn’t learn in a previous life, learn from a mistake we made in a previous life, etc. When we pass, depending on how much we have learned accumulatively throughout all our lives, depending on how wise our “soul” is, we will go to a different plane on the other side; a different grade level if you will.

If you took your own life it is possible your soul was not strong enough to handle this plane right now and most likely your soul has a lot of work to do, so you will most likely go to a lower level plane where you have lower level basics to learn, if you want to label those planes purgatory that’s on you, but it’s not going to be the way the big magic book of everything (the bible) describes it. I know my soul is more advanced then many people around me, this means when I die I may go to 12th grade and another friend may go the 5th grade and my weakest friend may go to kindergarten for all I know. Of course the grades are metaphors, but I hope you are getting the concept.

Life, on this plane and on the others, is all about learning and growing. We are not punished by being “stuck” in a horrible in between limbo world until our prison sentence in up and we’re set free to the heavens. We are not punished in the fiery hells of Satan. We are looked upon by God who says “man, my poor soul, you clearly have a lot to learn, you will learn a lot in this plane.” And then he’ll send you where you can learn the most.

As I said, I will elaborate on the planes blog at another time where I can discuss things like being a teacher on the other side or making the decision to come back to earth rather then learning in the planes, etc. The point for now is that there is not a purgatory in the way the bible and society has created it. There is a plane you will go to in order to learn more before you can move to the higher up planes, but it’s not a form of punishment, it’s actually to your benefit.

Here’s something to think about, maybe this life on earth now, this plane we are all currently on, is purgatory; now that is something I wouldn't discount as a genuine possibility. I guess we may not know until we keel over. :)