This is a topic I have been asked many times. Considering my past experiences as a gifted child and the book I’m currently writing, I think it’s an important blog to post.

Gifted children or children of gifted family members really should be taught about the paranormal and the other side right out the gate, but not all at once; it should be gradual, they should learn more and more as they age and mature. This should be done through books, talks, small and controlled practice lessons, etc. However, this should be done FOR FREE and by their parents, family members, guardians, or a close trustworthy friend at home, not some stranger offering a class or ghost tours to make a buck!

It is important that ONLY these types of children be subjected to any form of paranormal "training" and/or “conditioning”. Some children are going to experience the paranormal on a regular basis anyway whether they like it or not, either because of their own gifts or because of a family member’s gifts. These children need to know not to be afraid, how to control the situation, and overall what to do with these experiences.

The average, non-gifted child, or child of a non-gifted parent, should NOT be subjected to this; they are vulnerable and too gullible to the hype and thrill of it all. They are easy prey for a spirit to mess with. A child that maybe is taken to a paranormal investigation where a nuisance spirit actually is, could easily be followed home and the spirit could really do some psychological and emotional damage; even long term.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important for the average child to be able to ask questions and get real answers. I think all children should know that what they saw as a small child was not their imagination. They should know we are all spirits and there is a life after this. They should know spirits are here on earth with us and that a spirit can’t hurt them or scare them unless they allow it to happen, however knowing this information and being placed in an environment heightening the odds of an actual encounter are two different things.

It’s like this; a child should know earthquake safety right? They should know where the exits are, the dangerous it can pose, where to try and stand if possible, what to do and what not to do, right? On the other side of that you aren’t going to take a kid and purposely throw them into a place experiencing an earthquake and hope they remembered everything you taught them and don’t get hurt. Like an earthquake, even knowing how to handle a spirit doesn’t guarantee you won’t be affected.

I’ve seen paranormal classes for children that actually are charging parents to teach kids how to investigate. I have seen actual hunts that not only charge, but allow children. These types of things are NOT ok. Unless a child is already going to be subjected to the paranormal due to their or their family’s gifts then it’s simply dangerous and irresponsible to allow them to be subjected to possible paranormal encounters.

Could a non-gifted child encounter a spirit on their own? Sure, just like a kid may be in an earthquake, which is why it is important to give them basic knowledge, but there’s a difference between general preparation & throwing someone to the wolves.

So at the end of the day should children be educated and/or exposed to the paranormal? Yes & no. Educated yes, to what extent depends on whether the child is gifted or not. Exposed to the paranormal? No. A non-gifted child should never be purposely exposed and a gifted child will most likely be exposed anyway so adding to their exposure is unnecessary and depending on how well they are coping with their gifts could still be traumatizing and damaging.

To clarify, by children I’m talking any adolescent under the age of 13. I believe a teenage child that wants to dabble with the paranormal should only be allowed to do so with the supervision of someone truly capable of teaching them how to protect themselves and that can provide accurate and honest information about what they can expect during and after any possible encounters. I believe most teenagers are mature enough to make a choice for themselves, but only IF they are truly with someone knowledgeable in the field. If your teen isn’t as mature, then please be aware of that and wait until you feel they are.

It’s a parent’s job to make decisions for their children that are in their best interest physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Kids often insist they can handle the scary movie, the haunted house, the bowl full of candy, etc. then once their in the midst of everything they are terrified or sick. It’s irresponsible to say “Well they wanted to”, it really doesn’t matter what they think they want; please keep your kids as safe as you can, in every way.