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Can Spirits Actually See Us?

Posted by ParanormalPI on Wednesday, February 22, 2012,
I had a friend question whether or not spirits could see them due to getting mixed and inaccurate answers via a spirit box. The answer to this question is complicated and while I do know that spirits can see us, some clear as day, there are a lot of variables that may affect this.

The condition of a spirit is an important factor. If an earthbound spirit is still discombobulated or confused then their head and even their vision may be affected. They may not be sure of where they are, who you ar...
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What is a Medium, What do they do, & How do they work?

Posted by ParanormalPI on Wednesday, May 25, 2011, In : Terminology 

What is a Medium, What do they do, and How do they work?

What is a Medium?:

A medium is a person that is available to the other side so that spirits can communicate with living people through the medium. Typically mediums are ordinary people that just happen to have the ability to use more than just their five basic senses. Contrary to what the movies and many frauds may have you to believe, mediums can NOT pick and choose what spirits they contact and when. Spirits decide if and when th...

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