So my friends at Influenster sent me a box of Green tea by Celestial Seasonings to check out.
I got a pack of Honey Lemon Green Tea and a Sleepytime Green Tea, each pack came with two tea bags.

The packaging is beautiful and I really like that each pack came with two tea bags.
Both teas tasted great, actually for green tea they tasted awesome, especially the Honey Lemon.
The Sleepytime didn't really make me sleepy, but then again sleeping pills don't even knock me out so I wouldn't let my experience stop you from trying it. =)

I think the only thing I didn't like was that the tea bags don't have strings on them, I really do like strings on my tea bags, but overall I'd definitely give the experience an A!

If you love tea than ParanormalPI would highly recommend Celestial Seasonings, especially the Honey Lemon Green Tea. hehe

Muuuuah! =)

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