Hey guys!

So I know I have the whole about me section that goes into great detail about what I do and don’t do, but some of you just want specific answers to specific questions, so for you guys here is the big breakdown. If you have a question about abilities that I forgot to mention here please feel free to ask away. =)

Do you sense other people's emotions & pains?
I do, pretty much instantly, whether I want to or not. I have been that way since I was very young. I often feel the living and the dead’s pains, illnesses, mental states, and emotions. This is why I can usually see through people so easily, which is a plus and negative. It helps me choose who I allow close to me, but it also means that I know when people close to me are being shady & lying, which sometimes is more painful then not knowing; ignorance is bliss sometimes. =)

On the flip side to that, this ability causes me problems sometimes if I’m not paying attention. Sometimes I’m so wrapped up in my own stuff that when I get these sensations I just instantly assume they are coming from the person closest to me. While typically that is in fact the case, there are times it’s not; maybe the feelings are coming from a spirit in the room or someone down the hall. I have a knee-jerk, jump first ask questions later mentality that often gets me into embarrassing and crappy situations and reading into these feelings too quickly sometimes makes that much worse.

For example, If I can feel lies & deceit and my best friend is standing in front of me telling me something I’m already iffy about, my instinct it to believe what I’m feeling is from her. I may then let my knee-jerk reaction kick in and just start going off on her about lying when in fact she wasn’t lying and it was someone else in the house that actually was lying about something. Of course I always admit my fault & apologize, but it’s still not fair for the innocent people I’m reading wrong & it is definitely embarrassing for me.

Although I have this ability & very intensely, over the years I am getting better at understand, fine tuning, and controlling it, but I believe it will always be the gift I struggle the most with. My Grandma explained that being an empath is just a part of my gifts & that I really just need to pay attention to where I getting my reads, something easier said then done when you’re Lei Lei, but I am & always will be working on it. =)

Do you see spirits?

Yes I do, I have since I was little. I see them in all shapes and sizes, clear as day, transparent, shadowy, etc. I see them as if they are standing right next to me, I see them out of the corner of my eye, I see them faintly, and I see them in my mind’s eye. As I’ve stated before, I’m not sure why some are so clear and some aren’t, why some look like you and I and some are shawdowy or transparent, but these are things I’m still learning. 

What I find most interesting is how it seems to come in waives, often depending on my physical and/or emotional state. If I’m ill, injured, or really down about something, especially if it’s over a longer period of time I will notice I hardly see any, sometimes to the point where I think my gifts are gone & start to freak out a little. When I’m healthier, in good spirits, and content with things I tend to see them much more often, even daily depending on my life at the time. I think moreso then why they appear differently, that is something that’s always gotten to me.

Do you hear spirits?

Oh yes, in fact audio is my strongest gift, it neeeever shuts off. In terms of my gifts clairaudience is my most prominent. I pretty much hear either my spirit guide or different spirits numerous upon numerous times throughout the day, everyday; it’s basically like I have a permanent AM radio lodged in my head & I never know when it’s going to turn itself on or what channel it will be switched to. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am more then capable & very good at making a spirit leave when I’m not in the mood. When they come in, getting them to leave is rarely my issue. What I’m saying is that once they come I have control; however I do not have control over when they come. They come all hours of the day, everyday; some more intense then others and some more clearly then others. I decide if I’m going to give it time to see if they clear up before asking them to leave, if I’m going to try to help them, or if I right away ask/tell them to leave, but their initial attempt at contact is something I don’t have control over.

Can you feel/sense spirits?

Yeah, pretty much the second I am near one. I can pick up their mood, their pain, their gender, and more often then not a lot of details about them and their story. Over the years I’ve been able to remote view as well and that too comes with the emotions and senses of spirits.

Do you get predicting dreams?

Yes, but not often, & I rarely know that’s what they are until after the event takes place and then I’m like holy shit that’s crazy. I’ve had dreams that literally played out the same day I woke up, like every single detail; I actually wrote a story about one of my dreams like that for an assignment in middle school. One time as an adult I dreamed the fire alarm was going to go off at work, when I got to work I kept feeling like it was going to happen the whole day, btw that never has happened at my work before, but it didn’t happen, so I told my husband about it when I got home. The next day at work, when I was no longer thinking about it, sure enough the fire alarm went off and the entire Convention Center was evacuated. The funny thing is the day before, I kept telling my co-worker I thought the alarm was going to go off, so then when it did she totally tripped out too.

Sometimes the predictions come more as visions than dreams. One time the hubby was late coming home from work. I got really worried and suddenly saw a vision of him stranded at night, in the dark, in the pouring rain, with a flat tire, and a dead cell phone. Of course I immediately thought that was why he was late. He walked in just a couple minutes later and I told him what I saw. He said he was fine and that he just had paperwork that took a while. The VERY next night he was late again, guess what happened?? Yup! He got a flat tire, in the middle of the night, in the pouring rain, and of course his cell phone was dead! He had to walk to a gas station and call his sister to come help him. Of course when he got home he said it was all my fault “jokingly”, but at the same time I should have known better and made him keep his phone charged that day just in case.

Do you get Déjà vu?

Yes, these I’ve had a lot my whole life. I have even had déjà vu’s that last for very long periods of time, more then just the couple minute “holy crap that was a crazy” kind of déjà vu.

Can you predict the future?

No, not in the fortune telling, I see a wife and 3 kids, with a white picket fence, kind of way.

I do as I just explained above on rare occasions get predicting dreams, visions, and déjà vu’s, but as I stated before they are not in my control and I don’t even know that’s what they are until after the fact. I do also get the horrible gut feeling when someone close to me is going to be hurt badly, is super sick, or is going to pass, but I rarely can sense very many details and in fact typically don’t even know “who” it’s about until it’s too late. I end up calling everyone I know frantically, normally the day before, everyone tells me they are fine, then I get the horrible news a day or two later; it’s actually one of the most horrible things to ever experience. To know someone is in danger and not know who or how is the most helpless feeling in the world and unfortunately this has happened to me way more times then I could ever want; it’s horrible. =(

I also can “sense” very near upcoming things like pregnancies, genders of unborn babies, big moves, major changes coming in someone’s relationship, etc. but I typically have to know the person and it’s not something I can completely 100% activate or deactivate on command. Again, I believe I can only sense very near things that are about to be revealed anyway.

Overall, no I can not predict the future. I can’t see years ahead, I can’t read your mind, or tell you how many fingers are behind your back. I am a medium, I am not a psychic; nor do I have any desire to be.

Do you read auras?

Nope, I’ve never seen colors around anyone, well unless someone just flashed a camera at me, then I see all sorts of colors. Haha I’m just kidding. I do not personally read auras. My daughter has a tendency to ask why people have certain colors around them, she has since she was little & I was told by my grandma before she passed that she was seeing their auras and that it may be part of her gifts. As she gets older we’ll see if she’s still able to do so, but myself personally, no.

Can you heal?

Nope, in fact I could use a lot of healing myself so I wish I could. =) I believe one of my son’s gifts is healing though, so he’ll be good to keep around. Haha I’m totally joking again. Seriously, for anyone reading this stuff, I’m very sarcastic & I make a lot of jokes, sorry. =) I do tend to believe my son may have healing as one of his gifts, but again I’ll just have to wait and see how all his gifts play out as he gets older, as of now they are pretty dormant. Also, I am aware anyone can use their own internal energies to heal themselves, I have heard this and I believe this, but I’m kind of an internal mess. Focusing enough to even keep one thought straight is hard enough, focusing enough to heal myself…. haha maybe one day. =)

Can you request a specific spirit to come on your command or can you only deal with the ones that come to you on their own?

Can I request a spirit? Well really you can request anything you want; it doesn’t mean you are going to get it. I cannot “summon” a spirit; in fact I’m not sure I believe that anyone can. You cannot “force” or “make” a spirit come to you, they are going to do whatever they want. You can request they come to you and sometimes if they hear your request clear and they are interested and not busy they will come, on occasion this has worked for me; however more times then not I have requested a certain person and instead got someone else I didn’t want or even worse got someone impersonating the person I was requesting. I’m sure as my skills fine tune in regards to my gifts I will be better able to send direct request without getting back so much garbage in return, but that’s still something I’m working on.

For now I will say this, requesting to communicate with specific spirit it’s not my specialty, but I have been able to do it a few times.

Can you communicate with your loved ones?

I do have a direct line to my grandma and my dad, yes. My grandmother sent me a pendulum many years ago that was passed down from 4 generations of mediums in our family, I was told to use that to get ahold of my great, great grandmother Belva and that it was a much safer communication tool to use then the Ouija, which she hated that I used. A few months after my grandma passed, I attempted to contact her with the pendulum; it worked instantly and extremely strong. Ever since then whenever I am really in need of guidance and I feel like only her or my dad can help I do use the pendulum or hop on the board with the pendulum in my possession. To be honest it is the best feeling ever and I’m exceptionally lucky to have that link to them; truly blessed.

Do I still take everything that is said with the pendulum with a grain of salt like on the Ouija? Of course, but I definitely feel safer and more connected using something my grandma told me was not only safe, but an heirloom of my own flesh and blood. You really can’t be sure of anything with the paranormal, but I believe this is the closest I can get to sure communication. In terms of the Oujia, I have a lot of experience and know proper protection; I will do an entire Ouija blog down the line.

Do you know about your past lives?

I think so, I guess there’s really no way to know for sure, sure, but I have a lot of documented information that actually backs up a lot of the feelings I’ve had for years and years. Actually a lot of the stuff and connections I’ve found over the years are creepy as hell.

Anyways, I believe based on memories, fears, flashbacks, reoccurring dreams, etc. and the corresponding documentation I have that I was kind of a big deal in Atlantis, then I was in Egypt the life after that, I often get flashbacks of myself in renaissance looking dresses, but I’m not sure of much more then that, I’d assume that’s the life after Egypt. After the renaissance stuff I believe (I know this sounds nuts), but I believe that I was not just involved in the Salem Witch Trials, but that I was actually Abigail Williams, one of the horrible girls that caused all the mayhem, which may be why this life is filled with such bad karma. Between that period and now I don’t have a lot of “past life” feelings, maybe I spent a lot of time teaching and/or learning on other planes, I’m not sure, but that’s basically what I feel at this point. I’ve always known I was an old soul, I’ve been told that since I was tiny, so it doesn’t surprise me that I have memories of so many different lives.

I may elaborate later in a different blog on a lot of things I have taken into this life from those lives, like fears, soul mates, etc. but not here and not now.

What do you believe is your purpose to use your gifts for?

To educate; as to the extent of that or the details of that I’m stilling trying to figure that out. I know writing will be a major part of it; my goal with this first book is to help gifted kids. Following this book will be ones for young adults, parents, and general audiences. I will also be releasing a very fun, but also very informative series for everyone, which is very different from the series I’m currently working on; I will start that series after I get the book I’m currently working on done.

What tools do you use? Do you or have you used a Ouija board, tarot cards, crystals, candles, pendulums, automatic writing, palm reading, or anything else? Do you not use any of those things?

Tools of trade or tools of the foolers, it’s all a little bit fuzzy.

I am very good on a Quija board. I was told early on from my Grandma that the reason the boards are so smooth and quick with even just myself using them is because I am what you call a “release”; this means I can get on any board and very, very quickly get action, it also means I can “release” anything that hops on the board if I’m not extremely careful. My Grandma basically forbid me from using the boards because I had very bad things happen on them when I was younger, but I’ve also had successful communication with good spirits, moreso than with negative spirits, especially since I learned how to control my experiences with the board.  

A lot people believe only evil spirits can use the board, I know that is not true through a lot of personal experience. The problem is, even with doing prayer and keeping things as positive as possible, while you may reach who you want and get good info, there are always or almost always negative energies intercepting, so you seriously have to be careful and honestly take everything you get with a grain of salt, no matter who the spirit says they are.

So do I use the boards then? Yes, I do. It’s not an every day thing, more like a once every few months type of thing, but I do own a board and proudly use it. I understand that my Grandma wasn’t an Ouija fan, but she also taught me to trust my gut and that it would lead me to the tools that will work best for me. She was an automatic writer, I’ve tried for years, decades even, to master automatic writing, and the reality is it’ll probably never happen for me. I feel in my gut that not only can I handle the board, but that I’m so good at it for a reason, because it’s a tool I’m meant to use. I will discuss the proper way to use an Ouija and how to keep your sessions safe in a later blog.

Tarot cards, I have no clue how to use them. To an extent, if an honest person with gifts is using them I do believe they can work. I had a talented friend give me a spot on reading a few years ago; she became a friend after the reading, so I KNOW they can work. However, I also believe they have been tainted to death by frauds and that sucks for anyone who uses them honestly.

Crystals, I do use them for protection. By using them I only mean wearing them and placing them on/near the Quija or other spiritual tools or devices I use. I don’t personally know how to use them for anything else.

Candles, hmmm…. This is a tricky topic because it can turn a lot of ways, honestly this topic will be in a future blog down the line, but I guess I’ll touch on it a tad. I myself do not consider myself a witch nor do I consider my methods of written requests “spells”. I have no problem, and the utmost respect for witches, I just don’t personally feel that’s the best title for what I am. However, I believe that fire is a natural earth element and in turn a direct link to God. I do write “letters” or “prayers”, not spells, to God and in an extra effort to make sure he gets the message, I do seal it by burning each end of the letter, often with a candle, before saying my thank you’s.

I understand that soooo many people will wig about this and that is fine. Some will argue that I don’t need to do what I do to get my message to god any faster or stronger, others will argue that calling it a “written prayer” doesn’t change that it’s a spell, but to me it’s very different and it’s what feels right to me, so I do it. So do I use candles in correlation with the paranormal? I guess, but only if sending messages to god counts as paranormal. =)

Sage, I own sage and have attempted to use it, but it’s not something I’ve found works for me. I’d imagine just as I can’t automatic write or meditate because my mind is always so busy, there’s probably something I’m doing wrong with the sage as well. Unfortunately my hubby HATES the smell and I haven’t had success with it, so it’s sort of just sitting on my bookshelf.

Pendulums, yes I do use a pendulum. I use a pendulum that was given to me by my late grandma. It has been in my family for four generations and I was told only has the energy in it of the strong mediums in my family, including mine now. The pendulum is definitely a much slower way of communicating with the other side, but using the one from my family makes me feel much safer. Some of you paranormal kids out there that simply hunt ghost & spend your time debunking everyone else’s crap may find this far fetched, but it’s very real & I’m very grateful to have the tool in my life. 

Automatic Writing, Oh boy. Haha I have yes, but I’m not good at it at all. I have a mind that never shuts off so I am never able to fully let go & let something take over; I’m kind of a control freak. My Grandmother was amazing at it, she did it for the police for years and she really wanted me to learn, but as of now I’m not very good at it; maybe one day though. =)

Palm Reading, here’s another one of those carnival tricks that I do believe can be done if by an honestly gifted person, but it too has been so tainted by frauds that it’s a hard thing to trust in fully. I do not palm read, some of the books my grandma left me have sections on palm reading, but I have not gotten to those books yet. I’m not too interested in learning this skill, but I’ll definitely read those sections anyway. =)

Ghost Box, I do own a ghost box. It’s funny; I don’t care for paranormal tools, only because I really don’t need them. I went as a consultant once with a group and they were using one and the thing was so crazy active, there was no denying that the conversations were legit. Much like with the Ouija or pendulum I was hearing what was being said almost simultaneously as the box was spitting out the words. This time though, it was awesome validation, I mean it was something physical that others could hear! I bought one almost just to grow my own gifts, to see what other validation I could get. Unfortunately the weirdest thing happened, every time I tried to use it I’d start getting a very bad headache, I’d get super dizzy, and even felt drained. I tried over and over, for months and months, but it happens every time. While I think it’s an awesome tool, sadly mine has sat in a box for over a year now.

Anything else…? Hmmmm…. Not really. I mean, like I said earlier, my clairaudience is so strong that really all I have to do is talk & listen. As I mentioned before, many times on the Ouija or using the pendulum I can hear the spirit talking almost simultaneously as they are using the tools, which is a weird sensation, but is also why I feel that generally my main gifts are all I need.

I think that concludes this Q & A for now. If you have any other paranormal questions about me that I didn’t answer or clarify enough here please feel free to contact me directly. I’m open to all questions and all opinions; I’m an open book & I rarely take offense to things.