Debunkers, specialists, fans of shows, people who generally either think they know everything about a certain topic, or simply have a stick up their ass, many of these people are destroying the paranormal community and for a long time I ignored it, but now it's really starting to piss me off.
If you're a debunker, great, do so professionally and respectfully and by the way you may not always be right in your debunking so seriously take it down a notch. I am not talking to all debunkers, I know some great debunkers that do what they do and they do it in a polite and respectful manner, but I have seen enough ass holes in this field to get to a point where I need to write this.
Specialists, that is super awesome that you spent however long, studying a topic so that you and/or others will consider you a specialist, but please be aware that time does not make you a specialist, experience does. A newb in an area that has worked 100 cases and seen something specific occur 50 times is going to be more of a specialist then someone who says they've worked this subject for 30 years, yet they've only come across it in person a couple times. In addition, EVERYONE should be aware that we're talking about the paranormal. The paranormal is the unknown, it is ever-changing, therefore even "specialist" can be wrong. Something that once was true can easily change in the paranormal and no longer be the same; specialist will have a hard time accepting this, but it's true. Am I saying this as a specialist? Nope, I'm saying this based on my knowledge today. If tomorrow someone came to me with information opposite of what I know, I would at least take a moment to consider it.
I truly believe things on the other side change just as much as things on this plane do so everyone should be open to the fact that they may not know everything at all times. I also believe that the way spirits interact with us constantly changes & evolves as well. Furthermore, while there are certain things that definitely rub me the wrong way with the paranormal, like people that refuse to except that their orb or flash of color could be something logical, investigators that provoke and taught spirits, and those that charge for investigations & other paranormal services.... overall I'm just grateful that the field is becoming more mainstream and socially acceptable.
I have said this in other blogs before and will most likely again, I am exceptionally grateful that people like me are no longer hung & burned at the stake. To be able to tell people I communicate with the dead and the worst thing I get in return is someone thinking I'm a nut job is an amazing gift to me. We should ALL be grateful for those that are trying to educate and expose the paranormal to the masses. It's true many go about it the wrong way and it's true that a lot of the information being put out there is incorrect or exaggerated, but it's still intriguing people to look into the paranormal and consider it as a real possibility. People that maybe never have believed or never really gave it much thought maybe are now giving it some though, that is a great thing in it's self. Once people are hooked they may want to learn more and they'll be able to do their own research. At the end of the day people will believe what they want and what they feel to be true for themselves, but of course outside influences are still something that can alter or shape one's perspectives on a topic.

I can tell people I see dead people, there is no such thing as demons, and the whole heaven/hell thing isn't quite how the other side is mapped out and even though I am trying to educate, only half the people at best that read what I'm saying will believe it. I'm 100% ok with that because it means A) I helped educated the half that did believe me and B) there are people out there that don't always believe everything they read and are looking for their own truths.
It's fine to educate, it's fine to be the highly knowledgeable in a certain field, and it's even fine to let people know when they are way off base, but do so respectfully. All this paranormal bickering is stupid, juvenile, and really doesn't benefit anyone. Be glad we can discuss this stuff without being stoned, be glad people are tuning into paranormal anything, be glad people are interested, asking questions, and researching things. You can't make anyone believe you are right; neither can the shows or the books putting out incorrect information. The only person capable of making anyone believe anything is the one's self, so you're honestly wasting your energy causing drama over stuff.

Do what you do, teach what you know, and don't worry about anyone else unless it's truly causing harm to others. There's just no benefit in getting worked up or wrapped up in what others are putting out there or what people believe. People will believe what they believe and that's really all there is to it.