Ok, so here’s a theory or thought process I guess I should say that I randomly was thinking about at work. I’m not sure where to start. Ok, for as long as I can remember I’ve known everything had a soul or spirit (whichever term you use), hell I used to think my toys had them. Obviously today I don’t see the toys having souls, but I do believe everything else does. Now by soul, I mean human soul, which in itself is a loaded term right, because technically we are only “human” as long as we’re in this meat pack we call human bodies. I believe at “some point” each soul was in a human body, so for now I’ll say human soul.

So what does this mean and where is my point? I believe the ants under the ground were once human souls, the birds, sea creatures, animals in the wild, and of course our house pets; I believe they were all once human (in a past life). The point is the “soul” is the soul, what “creature” your soul currently resides in isn’t what you necessarily are.

I have a lot of theories, many may seem far-fetched, but then again I talk to dead people so far-fetched is normal for me. =) Let’s say you were a lazy mother fucker in your human life and God really wanted to teach your soul something about hard work, maybe y he’d throw you down here on your next life as a worker ant & teach you the meaning of hard work. Odds are on the life after your ant life you’ll have taken some of what you learned with you without even knowing it. Maybe you weren’t the most spiritually gifted in a past life, but you were a great person and you deserved a break, hell maybe you were the opposite of ant boy and worked yourself to the bone without ever asking for a thank you; I see God throwing you down here as a spoiled house pet in the next life.

The point is this, we all want to define “creatures”, now here I’m not talking pets, I’m talking paranormal and for a long time I didn’t believe or not believe, but I really wasn’t certain there were “creatures”. At this point I can’t say I’m sure there are, but I think my current view is that even if there are, they are just human souls serving a new life in a new ride and at the end of the day they are still the same thing you and I are.

I also have a theory that if there are aliens, now I say if because unlike spirits I’ve never seen or experienced one so I can’t claim I “know”, but I do see it as being realistic…. At any rate, if there are aliens then my thought process is that to land one of those bodies you must have been a very spiritually gifted and advanced soul. So my theory, which is waaay out there I know, is that aliens are really souls like you and me, but they are so far advanced that they get to chill in rad bodies and live in far off galaxies. You may think I’m nuts, many do, but that’s where I stand.

P.S. There are still no such things as demons, just asshole souls f’n with vulnerable people in images they create themselves to show others. With that said, I hope this blog wasn’t too confusing; it sort of just randomly came to me. =)