Influenster sent me yet another awesome complimentary gift to review, the new Victoria's Secret Sport Bra and capri pants set! I haven’t really worn sports bras in years because well I’m not the most well endowed female on the planet, but I do hate working out with your standard under-wire bra on, yes under-wire, remember I’m not all that busty. =) At the gym I usually just sucked it up because really, the sports bra thought never crossed my mind, and at home I usually work out with nothing underneath because I hate the bra stabbing me while I’m working out.

Now that my bra history has been established, let’s move on. First I’d like to say that the outfit looked awesome, I loved the colors and the mesh look, very cool. I’m not a huge fan of the spandexy type clothes, but I definitely went into the capris open minded. They were cute, but for me personally, not sure why, but I hate that feeling of skin tight pants suffocating my legs while I’m working out, I’m more of a yoga pants kind of girl. They were cool and I think runners or those that dig the spandex-ish feeling pants would really like them, but they just weren’t my cup of tea.

The sports bra is pretty cool, it made the girls look awesome and they seriously were not going anywhere. Haha I didn’t have wires digging in my front or back while trying to do crunches and my top half felt very secured while on the elliptical. One downfall I did notice is that I seemed to sweat much more in that area with the sports bra on then I do in my regular bras or when I go without a bra. I’m not a huge fan of sticky sweat so extra an amount wasn’t super exciting for me, but aside from that I really did like the sports bra.


I really never considered sports bras over the years, but after this experience I’m definitely much more open to exploring more of them. If you’ve been wearing sports bras for a while I think you’ll find this to be a tremendous upgrade to what you currently have and if you’ve been under-wiring it this whole time it’ll be a night and day difference, in favor of the sports bra. =)

My final ruling on the set….

The capris are super cool looking and for individuals that like that material, I think they’re great, but for myself personally… I didn’t enjoy them.

If I had to choose between not wearing a bra and wearing the sports bra I would just not wear one, but remember that will only happen at home and is most likely because I have itty bittys. However, if I was working out at the gym, I would absolutely choose the sports bra over your standard under-wire, no question. Plus, as I mentioned, the sports bra looks wicked cool! =)

This set gave me a new perspective on sports bras that I haven’t had in over a decade, so I’d say it more than did it’s job. =)

"This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria's Secret products to test and review as part of a contest." - #VSSportBra