Case Files
(Case Study: Oregon)

Some of you know that I'm working on a second series, my hope is that it'll be a series of 50 books actually! I've had a lot of people curious about the details, some general questions and some specific ones, but for the sake of the book I won't be spilling all the beans.
I will dish a bit though!



Here's what I can say so far.

I am hoping to release 50 books for this series, one for each state.
I will be starting with a book based in Oregon, then Washington, Idaho, Montana, and California; this is purely due to practicalities.

The books will cover 10 different known haunted locations for each state, BUT there is a VERY different twist on it that I've personally never seen done in a most haunted type book before; that I will be keeping a secret. I will say that it won't just be reading research based; I will be getting very involved in each location.

The style of the book is SOOOO fun; I think it may be my favorite part of the series. As things progress and I eventually release the book cover, you guys may be able to figure out what it's going to look like, but until then I'm keeping it hush-hush; it is super cool though. =)

Another fun or unique aspect is that we would love contributors like in the last book, but in a different way. While it's true that traveling and para-equipment are expensive, that really isn't the point of the next little piece.

I had so much fun and thoroughly enjoyed being able to have outside participation in the guide-book; it was a total joy, but this series isn't an anthology so I was just thinking "how can I involve the community?" Sure, I can, and will ask for haunted location suggestions, but that's sort of generic, I really could just Google that, right?

So.... We talked about it and decided to create a GoFundMe type account. I don't know if it'll actually be through GoFundMe or what, but the idea will be that contributors can help contribute to gas, boarding, travel, para-tools, etc. Then on my Youtube channel, in this blog, and of course at the back of the book, you will get recognition as a contributor.
If you wanted to be anonymous of course that's fine, but we'd love to say "John Smith sent $20 and we were able to get X amount of gas towards the BLANK location; thanks so much John!"

The book is happening either way and we’re WAY excited to get started, but that was the only way I could think to be able to include contributions. Of course it’ll help a ton to get the book done sooner financially, but like I said, either way it’ll get done. =)

I still have to wrap up the guide-book before I can really get started on this guy, but it should only be a few more months, and I couldn’t be any more excited than I am! =)


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