Sites to See

* 3rd Eye Apparel - Please feel free to check our 3rd Eye Apparel for fun paranormal related clothing, accessories, home supplies, and gifts!

* Author Angie Blake - Angie is a paranormal fiction writer. She's an indie published author at Amazon and has numerous book you should check out.

* Mark Mauvais's Youtube  - Want to learn how to develop your psychic power? Mark Mauvais is your guy! His Youtube is full of information to help you develop your abilities.

Unexplained Mysteries - I haven't had the opportunity to thoroughly look through this site yet, but it looks like there is something for everyone here.

Unexplained Mysteries Atlantis - I have been very fascinated with Atlantis for a long time & hope to one day devote a great deal of time to researching it, if you too are interested, this site has links to a lot of Atlantis sites.

* Hauling 101 LLC - Hauling 101 is Portland's best hauling / junk removal company. Famous for their awesome prices; if you need a haul, make sure to give them a call!

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children - This is a site that is always good to check out every once in a while, you never know, you could help save a child somewhere.

* Mining City Paranormal - An awesome paranormal group based out of
Butte, Montana! Show them some love. =)

* Intentional Insights - Author Kelley Harrell shares her insights on paranormal and spiritual topics. There's a lot to read and a lot to great stuff to take away from her work. I'd recommend checking them out when you get some time. =)

* Psychic Ryan - Ryan Michaels is a psychic medium that strives to help others. He was on the show Psychic Kids and has since reached out to help & educate where he can. Check out his page when you get a chance, he seems like a great kid.

* Ufologistoons - Dennis Rano is an amazing artist that works in the paranormal field. Please check out his site and show support; his work is amazing! =)

* American Heart Association - Guys, Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S., especially for women, even worse it's one of the most undetected which means often the disease could have been managed. Awareness is key. 

If you know of any sites you'd like me to check out and potentially add to this page please feel free to send them to me.

I am looking for great sites on Atlantis and the Salem Witch Trials, so if you know any I'd really appreciate the tip. Thanks in advance. =)





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