ParanormalPI's Guide for Today's Spiritually Gifted Teen
Contribution Release Form


I ________________________________ hereby authorize Lei Lei the ParanormalPI and those acting pursuant to her authority to:

* Use a copy of the work entitled ________________________in her book tentatively titled ParanormalPI's Guide for Today's Spiritually Gifted Teen.

* Edit this work (if necessary) to meet size restrictions and/or other limitations. I also understand that Lei Lei the ParanormalPI will provide me with any edited versions of my work for review before going to print and/or the book is published.

* To use and/or mention my name in connection with this work and with the book this work is being contributed to; including, but not limited to marketing and promotional purposes.

* To distribute the work mentioned above in whole or in part without restrictions or limitations for any purpose which Lei Lei the ParanormalPI and those acting pursuant to her authority deem appropriate.

In addition, I agree that:

 * It is understood between both parties that there will be no remuneration and/or financial compensation in exchange for the work I am opting to contribute towards this book.

 * Lei Lei the ParanormalPI won’t be in any way held liable for any factual errors and/or omissions that may be in this work as that is the responsibility of the original author/artist.

 * By agreeing to have this piece of work published in this book I acknowledge and fully understand that it may generate a variety of positive, constructive, and even negative reactions from readers and I am prepared for this possibility.

 * I agree that my consent for this release is being given on my own free will and that I have not been coerced or duressed in any way to contribute.

Finally, I certify that I am the primary author/artist of this work.


Please Print, Fully Complete, and Return Via Email to:
If you need to snail mail it to me, please contact me via email and I'll send you a good mailing address.

* Date: _________________________


* Name of Author/Artist: ________________________________________________


* Author/Artist's Address: _______________________________________________



* Author/Artist's Phone Number: __________________________________________


* Author/Artist's Email Address: ___________________________________________

* Author/Artist's Birth Date: _____________________


* Author/Artist's Signature: _______________________________________________


* Author/Artist's Parent/Guardian’s Signature (if under 18):






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