In the summer of 2010 my family, our best friends, and I headed to our local coast and stayed at a KOA cabin. For now I will refrain from mentioning the city or the location of the KOA as I am still looking into the child's death. Initially when we got there all seemed well however as it started to get dark I noticed a little boy constantly peaking behind a tree near our fire pit. He looked to be between the ages of 8-10, was wearing a blue t-shirt, jeans, and had a light brown 70's style haircut. He looked very much like he came from the 70's or 80's. His completion was very whitish blue and he was kinked and hunched, almost as if his body had been crammed into something and he couldn't stand straight because of it. Honestly, initially I didn't give it much thought; it's very common for me to run into spirits on road trips, even children. He never said anything by that point, he just seemed curious. I never even mentioned seeing him to anyone as he wasn't a distraction.

About 30 minutes after I started noticing him my best friend Jen & I were asked to run to the local store real quick and get more juice. On the car right there Jen, who also sees spirits, asked me if I saw a little boy around our cabin. Of course I told her yes and we started describing him to each other, basically finishing each other’s sentences; it was clear he was there and making himself visible. Due to the fact that we're both used to seeing spirits we kind of just sad how sad it was that he was so young, but mostly left it alone.

We got back to the KOA with the juice, put the kids to sleep, and went out by the fire to drink with the boys. About 30 minutes into our drinking we heard my daughter screaming at the top of her lungs. Us girls ran in to see what was going on; she was scared out of her mind. She insisted a boy that looked like her brother who was nine at the time was grabbing her and trying to scare her. Jen and I just looked at each other like "oh crap", but didn't say anything in order to keep her calm. We got her calmed down and she fell back to sleep. About 15 minutes later my son started screaming, he never screams, when we got there he said he woke up to the little boy's face right in front of his. He was so tired he was just rambling things about some boy and then passed out mid sentence. We went back out to drink thinking "oh my god what is going on?" Everything calmed down for about an hour and once the boys sobered up they headed to a nearby casino for a bit.

We stayed with the kids, just hanging out like girlfriends do. Once again my daughter woke up screaming her lungs out. We went to check on her and she was in hysterics saying he was back and he was scaring and grabbing her again. By this time I was pretty pissed off, I have a strict rule that if spirits want to communicate they need to do so respectfully and scaring my kids when I could clearly see him was not ok with me. I went into the room and started yelling at him to leave the kids alone right now and if he needed something he needed to come to the adults. We got my daughter back to sleep and we went to sit on the front porch of the cabin to talk. All of a sudden he showed up out on the deck, he came right behind me and asked me to follow him. He took me behind the cabin and there was a tall field, he just pointed at the field and said "there". I could feel that's where his body is or was at one time. I then got an image of him crammed into a very small space, not alive, but I couldn't make out what he was in. I thought he was trying to get help by telling me where he was, but then he started getting angry. He started yelling "Leave me alone!" and "Go away!". Eventually he went away for the night & all the adults fell asleep, I feel asleep with my Jen in the front room of the cabin.

The next morning I woke up first, I got up and started getting ready for the day. At some point I turned around and he was laying in bed right next to Jen as she slept. To this day I have trouble getting the image out of my face. He was lying there, but his face was much more blue then the previous encounters and his mouth was frozen wide open; it's hard to explain, but it was a very hard scene to see. After that he was pretty quiet most of that morning, but he did come back one more time a few minutes before we packed up and left and once again said "Leave me alone, go away!" in a very upset tone. I was leaving anyway and he didn't seem to want my help anymore so I tried to let it go. The whole way home I couldn't get his face out of my head, the last image of him lying in bed with his mouth frozen open. Then days later I still couldn't get it out of my head, even months later it haunted me. I've seen spirits all my life and this was really the first I couldn't shake. I decided it was haunting me for a reason and that I needed to help.

I contacted the specific KOA site by phone to ask questions about its history, but the weirdest thing happened, they said I had the wrong number. I matched it to the number I dialed the day we made the reservations and looked it up online and they were all the same number I dialed yet I was told I had the wrong number. I then sent the specific location an email requesting information on the history and never heard back. I then sent numerous emails to numerous general KOA email addresses, even at the corporate office. I said we had taken a vacation there and that my son had a homework assignment to write about his last vacation and the history behind the location. I asked if they could send me information on the specific KOA we stayed at's history and the history of the land before it was a KOA and I never heard back. It was very clear that nobody with the KOA company or the specific KOA site we stayed at was willing to help me. I then began searching all the Oregon missing children sites I could find, going back as far as 1964 hoping to see his face. I found a couple leads that looked a lot like him and contacted the fliers requesting more information, but even after months I never heard anything back from any of them.

I had finally started to move on and was just to a point where I wasn't thinking about him all the time when he came to my house, this was a couple months ago. He gave me some more details and showed me some more images, for the sake of the case I will leave those details out, but it made me think I am supposed to keep going with his case. I have a strong feeling his body is still missing so not only does he need closure, but his family most likely does as well. I know he was murdered so if his murderer is still alive and not already serving time somewhere then it'd be nice to get justice against that individual as well. I plan to go back to the same KOA sometime this summer and see if I can’t run into the kid again, I continue to search missing children sites, and every few months I send out new emails to the different KOA connections I have.

Even if this case takes me years to figure out, I believe it is something I am meant to do & I don't plan to give up until I either resolve it or until I die.




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