The Murder of William Coffey

(A New York Police Officer

Several months ago I was contacted by a grieving mother that had lost her son, he was murdered in 1991. To this day his mother has very few answers and a lot of questions as to why her son, a New York police officer, was murdered.

I have personally made contact with William twice now & have provided his mother all of the names, locations, and details I have received about his case, we are both looking into all we can, but we need your help too!

In December of 1991 William Gary Coffey worked as New York police officer in the city of Poughkeepsie when he was murdered. The case seems to be an inside job, as evidence has seemed to be ignored and tampered with.                         Based on the information I have received both times from William I believe this fact to be completely true.

At this point and time I will leave the details I know to be true from William off this site as to not influence anyone’s gut feelings, intuitions, or messages they may receive. His mother is aware of all the information I know & is always happy to get more information if possible. If you believe you have received information about this case and want to run it by me to compare notes please feel free to do so, you can also contact Joyce (William’s mom) directly if you’d like. Joyce Coffey can be reached via email, Facebook, or on Myspace.


There are a lot of indiscrepancies in the case and in the evidence, the good news is that they match everything I’ve ever been show by William, before I even knew the facts, which is a promising sign we’re on the right track; the bad news is that this means his murder was most likely an inside job and covered up well. To read these details please go to William’s Myspace page as it has the most details pertaining to his case.

If you do not have gifts, but you still somehow have information regarding this case PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact Joyce or myself immediately.

Thanks in advance for all of your help, this case has pulled at me for months now, it’s been 19 years since this case started, in 2011 it’ll be 20 years, please help us solve this case before the 20 year anniversary! 20 years without closure is just cruel & unusual punishment & is just WAY too long for a murder not to be solved!

UPDATE: I have also now been in a great deal of contact with William's cousin Carrie Stanton, her facebook name is CarrieStanton1. She is not able to give permission for things on William's behalf, as she prefers that Joyce handles that stuff, but she does help. She has several names that were given to her over the years, I am still waiting for William to come around to run them by him, but if you are truly gifted then maybe you can help as well. She was his cousin and knows all that I know, she cares deeply so please don't hesitate to contact her if you feel you have information.

Also, once I graduate in a few months & can focus my attentions to the paranormal full time, I will be attempting to take William's story to many big shows like "Unsolved Mysteries" and some other good ones out there; if you have any connections please let me know. Thanks all!




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