This page will be updated fairly regularly as my needs for submissions will change as I complete each chapter.

Below is what I'm currently looking for topic wise and below that will be the nitty gritty in terms of word count requirements, release forms, and other technicalities for submissions.
Please also remember that I'm not just looking for stories, artwork and poems done during or about a childhood paranormal experience are extremely wanted as well. =)

Please know I can't use everyone's work in the book, although I will try to use most of it, but either way I greatly appreciative you trusting me with your work, taking the time to create and send it to me, and your desire to help others; it truly does mean the world to me.

Submission Requirements:

* The stories, poems, questions, and/or artistic work needs to be pertaining to circumstances that occurred during childhood.

* The work must be your own original work.

* In order for your work to be submitted a release form must be printed, completed in full, and mailed to ParanormalPI Submissions PO Box 66905 Portland, OR 97290.
If you are under age 18 please remember to have your parent or guardian sign the release form as well or unfortunately your submission can not be considered.

* - All stories must not exceed 500 words.
   - Poems must not exceed 250 words.
   - Letters must not exceed 500 words.
   - Questions must not exceed 250 words.
   - All art and photography work must be large enough to print clearly; if an image is not large enough I will send an email requesting a larger version.

* All submissions must be age appropriate, remember this is a book for the youth.
No mature content will be accepted for this particular book.

* If you would like to remain anonymous I can do that in the published version, however I still will require a completed release form with your accurate information before I can your piece to be a part of the book.



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