I always believed that once you died you had free will, now what does that even mean? I believed that you die and then your soul does the whole see loved ones, go to the wake or funeral stuff, and then you make the decision to go to the other side or stick around for whatever it is you feel you need to stick around for; that was it.

Do you guys remember Ghost Whisperer? Season one was so dead on to how things work I was in total awe. Season two was pretty on point, but it started getting a little Hollywood, by season three with Jim dying and coming back in another body I was like hmmm….. Now, I still love all seasons of Ghost Whisperer, one of my favorite shows every by far, but I wasn’t relating to it as much anymore. By season four there was a lot talk of spirits being prohibited to talk to Melinda or to cross over, spirits being threatened and manipulated by other spirits. As much as I loved the show I just kept thinking what crap that was; they are spirits, they can do whatever the hell they want. Right?

Well…. go figure I was wrong, but I guess that’s part of developing right? I went on an investigation at Kenton Station in Portland a couple years ago, it wasn’t as active as I figured, but I have a feeling that will change the next round. Anyway… it did change the way a look at the above topic. There was a woman (Annie) that was clearly terrified and very intimidated by several male spirits. She would barley speak up and every time she got the courage to speak one of the males would start pushing her around and threatening her and she would shut up again. It was very clear they were controlling her. I was mind bobbled, I mean how in the hell….

I believe she followed me home for the night, I felt her every once in a while for a bit after, but she never said a word. She mentioned liking my dog once and that was it. I could feel her go back to Kenton then almost “sneak” back over to my place. Trust me; I know how crazy that sounds; if you had said that to me anytime prior to this experience I would have told you ghosts don’t need to sneak anywhere.

I’ve given this a lot of thought and just like with my views on body manipulation I can’t believe I never put it together before this. I’m always trying to get people to understand how there’s not demons and how just as there are bad people, those bad people are bad spirits, a person is who their soul is. If you’re an evil murder in this life, with a few exceptions, you will most likely be evil in the next; until you go through the proper training on the other side. If you were evil as a person, die, but refuse to cross over, well then you’re not going to go through the proper training to become a better soul and you’ll still be the nasty spirit you were when you were alive.

Ok so what does any of that have to do with what we’re talking about? Well…. Everything! We are who we are. You bet your ass when my crazy ass dies no spirits, not even an army of spirits is going to tell me what I can and can’t do; we all know this. Haha However…. There are a lot of very timid, soft spoken, weak people out there, people that followed their whole lives, never had a voice, and believed whatever bull shit they were fed. It would be safe to assume that when they die, if they stayed earthbound, their spirit would be the exact same way.

So, do I think a spirit could technically control another spirit or prevent them from communicating or crossing over? Not technically, not physically, but emotionally and psychologically… yes, I now do. So what does this mean for these manipulated spirits? Exactly the same thing as a weak and manipulated human; they need to feel strong. Women of domestic violence often become so weak that they have no opinion, no self worth, no goals, etc. They literally believe anything the men tell them and are truly terrified to believe or attempt anything to the contrary. I believe woman and children to be the easiest to manipulate in the spirit world, just as it is in this world. I think what people don’t realize is that the two worlds aren’t all that different from each other.

If you ever encounter a spirit that you believe to be manipulated by others please be careful. I would love to tell you to convince them they are being played, make them stronger, encourage them to break free, etc. and odds are if you do it long enough, with enough conviction, and often enough it will work, but…. it will most likely also piss off a spirit or spirits that are clearly strong enough to manipulate people, probably much worse.

Now, if you are a gifted individual and you know your protection and you know your strength, by all means, please help that soul; they need you, that’s why you are here; just be careful. If you are not gifted and still really want to help, please seek the assistance of someone that is gifted.

I know my gifts are about to hit another boom and I’m excited for that, but I’m also grateful when I gain more knowledge as well & despite hating being wrong, I’m glad Kenton Station brought some clarity on this subject for me; maybe I’ll look at some Ghost Whisperer episodes a little differently now. =)