#Influenster hooked me up, once again, with a box of awesomeness to test out.
Here’s what I thought of each product.

Goody Grip Elastics / Hair Ties:

The concept is not only cool, but sort of genius. Unfortunately I found that like with all of my hair ties I have to wrap them around my hair twice to hold my hair. Of course that’s always the case, but the problem is that when it twists for the 2nd half the grips end up flipped upwards and not on the hair. I’d say to shrink the spikes to flat grips of the same material, but put the grips on both sides, so that when we do the 2nd tie the grips are still fully in contact with the hair.

The colors were fun, especially for kids. I wonder if they offer them in black, brown, or white; that’d be great. If not, they should. =)

Daisy Squeeze Sour Cream:

I love Daisy sour cream, I did even before this Voxbox, and nothing has changed. I do wish it was easier to get the excess sour cream off the sides of the squeeze bottle, but if you toothpaste squeeze it out, it does come, so it’s ok. It’s was easy to use, tastes great, and it comes out at just the right speed and just the right amount at a time. I’m definitely a fan.

Pilot Pens (1 pink & 1 black):

As a writer I’m always excited for new pens and as Lei Lei I’m even more excited for “pink” pens. Lol

The black pen was great. The style was cute and the pen seemed to work well. I LOVE the style of the pink one, but sadly it’s very hard to see the ink on it, which has turned me off big time. I write so much that I need to be able to see and read my work effortlessly, which isn’t the case with the pink one. I wish they had made it a darker or more vibrant pink. It says they’re both Acrobal pens, they don’t seem very much like it to me, they seem pretty standard, but oh well. The grips are good, especially for a basic pen.

Overall the style of the pens was a lot of fun and would be great for kids in school, but I really wish the pink ink stood out more.

Pilot Greeting Card:

Lol, well to be honest I’m not sure what I think about the card. It’s cute and fun; it was just sort of a random throw-in if you ask me. Haha There’s not much to say about it, other than it was cute and fun and I’m sure it’ll go to someone. =)

Suave’s Kids Purely Fun 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner, & Body Wash:

This was super convenient. We took it to the beach with us and it was great to have everything we needed in one bottle. My daughter didn’t like the idea of using the same thing she put in her hair on her body, so that was interesting, but it’s definitely convenient. It smells good, very clean and fresh. It’s also so gentle that I was able to use it on our puppy several times without him having any issues.

Depending on how you feel about having your body wash being the same product, I’d say it was a success. I personally am very picky about my shampoo, so I’d use it more for the body wash aspect and my daughter didn’t like it as a body wash, but liked it as a shampoo + conditioner; maybe you’ll like it for all three. =)

Suave’s Kids Purely Fun Leave in Conditioner:

Oh man, so I am bummed about this stuff. At first, for the first couple hours, the product seems really great. Your hair smells and feels awesome, but then a few hours later, I have no idea why, it turns super greasy and gross. We’ve attempted it several times; it’s the same each time. I like it for a minute and then it’s really bad; even with barely using it.

I do however love the bottle. It’s adorable, fits in your purse, diaper bag, and/or your hand great; I also really like the smell.

Secret Outlast Xtend Completely Clean:

Fail. Sorry Secret, but fail. The smell is ok, but hardly there and it does not last. The protection barely lasts and hour or two. Not to mention the thing fell apart on me after only three uses and I never even clicked the knob to raise it. I have usually thought highly of Secret and I don’t know if maybe I just got a defective one, but I was very disappointed in this one. =/

Palmolive Fusion Dish Soap:

It did it’s job and helped with the dishes. I don’t have a lot to say about it, but I have nothing bad to say. I like the shape of the bottle, it’s very comfortable in the hand and it works well; that’s all I need. =)

Plackers Kids Flossers:


These were adorable!! I love flossers in general, but I’ve never seen them so tiny. They were tiny for little kids and they had grippys in two spots that actually were very comfortable. The grips were also on handles designed in a shape to cradle the fingers perfectly. The colors were fun and they worked well. I love these. I wish they made them in size grown-up. Lol