I’m a member of the Crowdtap Kleenex Brand® rewards program, and Kleenex® Brand sent me these products to review.

My friends at CrowdTap sent me two complimentary boxes of Kleenex to try; one was “Lotion Aloe & E” and the other was “Anti-viral”.

To be honest I wasn’t super impressed with either. I mean they were both cool, neither were too rough or anything, but neither were the softest tissues I’d ever felt either and I’m very big about super soft tissues. Also both boxes seem to run out way too fast. I’m not sure if they’re skimming on how many they put in the boxes now a-days or what, but both boxes seemed to run out pretty fast; too fast.

Between the two the “Lotion Aloe & E” was definitely softer than the “Anti-viral”, especially under the nose area. I could tell the “Anti-viral” was much more likely to cause that red and even peeling skin under your nose that some less than awesome tissues can cause.

The “Lotion Aloe & E” was completely scentless, but the “Anti-viral” did sort of have an anti-viral smell to it; I know that sounds weird, but it did. 

They were both very durable, neither tore at all, not even when I got them wet from the sink, which was nice.

Ladies, just a random tip, do NOT rub the “Anti-viral” in your eyes! I suppose that tip goes to the gentleman too, but as a female I had some excess makeup that I tried to remove with a wet “Anti-viral” tissue and holy crap did I regret it; my eyes were on fire!! I’d assume it was whatever chemicals make it “anti-viral” in the tissue that set my eyes into a painful, watery, mess, especially since there are little blue dots everywhere if you look close enough, but whatever it is that causes it I thought I’d throw that warning label out there.

I’m not sure if the “Anti-viral” is really anti-viral, I’m not sure how one would know for sure, especially if you’re using a tissue, it usually means you’re already sick, but who knows. There are definitely chemicals in the tissue though, my eyes assured me of that, so who knows, maybe they really are.

Overall both were pretty soft, not the softest I’ve ever felt, but neither were the roughest I’d ever felt and both were very durable tissues. On the negative side they could have been softer, they didn’t last long, and one caught my eye on fire. I’d say my opinion on the brand is not better nor worse than before I got the boxes, although I don’t think I’ll ever be buying the “Anti-viral” version. It was the least soft of the two and did burn the crap out of my eye, so I’m not really a fan.

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