I recently received several organic items from @Influenster through their #RocktheLunchBox campaign and I'd like to share my experience with each product. I received coupons to get each item for free, but unfortunately I was not able to find any of the Annie's Frozen Snacks at my local Fred Meyers. I was able to get the remaining products though.

I got:

* One Box of Annie's Double Chocolate Chip (Gluten-free) Granola Bars.

* One Loaf of Rudis's (Gluten-free) Cinnamon Raisin Bread.

* One Box of Applegate's Half Time Lunch Pack (uncured ham).
Includes: Uncured ham, crackers, Storyfield's Yokids Strawberry Yogurt tube, and Annie's Homegrown Buttery Rich Crackers. 

* One Box (8 pack) of Honest Kids's Organic Juice Pouches (Berry Berry Good Lemonade).

Let's look at each item individually:

Annie's Double Chocolate Chip (Gluten-free) Granola Bars:

#AnniesHomegrown, @annieshomegrown

These were really good; you could hardly tell they were even gluten free. They were super convenient to hand off to the kids and to take with me to work. They had lot of flavor and were a great snack; I definitely think I’ll be buying these again. =)

Rudis's (Gluten-free) Cinnamon Raisin Bread:

#RudisBakery  #Rudis @rudisorganic

As far as gluten free bread goes this stuff was pretty good. The kids, myself, and the hubby were eating it toasted with butter on several occasions. It was a little drier than I normally like, even for gluten free, but for the most part it was pretty good.

Applegate's Half Time Lunch Pack:
@annieshomegrown #Applegate #HALFTIME @Applegate

This pack actually went over pretty well with the kids. There was a little complaining about the taste of the ham, but it was still edible for them. The yogurt and crackers seemed to be acceptable; so that’s great. =)

Honest Kids's Organic Juice Pouches:

@HonestTea #HonestKids

I got the (Berry Berry Good Lemonade) flavor in this and sadly the kids did not like them at all. They were pretty clear that they were just too strong and not sweet enough. I ended up drinking most of them myself and I have to admit that while I didn’t find them as horrible as the kids did, they aren’t something I’d buy for myself again. I’m all for organic, but there really was little to no sweetness at all and a hole lot of tang and sour going on. They weren’t the worst thing I’ve ever drank, but I wouldn’t say I’m a fan either; the kids definitely aren’t.

Overall it was a pretty 50/50 split for the kids, but on my end aside from the juice pouches I liked everything else. Organic doesn’t have to taste bad and most of these items proved that. =)