So I’m at a point where I’m finally comfortable with outsiders knowing what I do and I am appreciative of my gifts and my family’s history. I can’t honestly sit here and say I have told all my close friends still, truthfully it’s much easier to be open about my gifts in a community that is already open to them, but for myself to be exposed this way to anyone outside of my husband, kids, and best friend is a huge step for me.

With that said I am also finally sure of what I want to do, what I was put here to do, in terms of my career. For those of you that know me personally I have been all over the map and in tons of different industries, I mean just look at my education haha. I started working on my Bachelors in Multi Media & Web Design then after two years simply finished off my Associates in Business Marketing, and then I went back for my Bachelors in Marketing & half way through completely switched gears and got my Bachelors in Criminal Justice. Then I went back and got half way through my Masters in Marketing. My jobs ranged from animals, to office work, to marketing & events, all the way to several aspects of the Criminal Justice field, and even to selling sex gift baskets. I am definitely eclectic in my interests. In the end though I never had to study writing, although all my electives in college were always writing courses, haha, but I just am a writer, it’s what I do, it’s what I am. I feel like all this time I was trying to “learn” these industries & skills, yet the whole time I had a god given talent that I wasn’t using to my full potential.

The point is I’m now comfortable with people knowing about my abilities and I have tried all my major interests to the point where I know what is NOT my “perfect” fit. I will always love all of those interests and to be honest I incorporate all of them in my work now so I’m glad I went through them all, but I also now understand & am excited to finally get, that if you are given a natural gift such as writing, it’s probably what you’re meant to do. I know I am supposed to write and use my gifts in correlation, so in turn I know I am supposed to write for the paranormal community. Knowing my place in the universe feels so amazing; I’m truly grateful for the clarity I’ve been given.

However….. dun, dun, dun….

Just like in Criminal Justice, while in the end it’s all about the greater good and helping others, there are soo many niches and specialties to the paranormal; I think aside from my book, I need to decide what I want to do with my gifts & my writing. Do I want to only work cold cases? Do I want to consult on hunts? Do I want to help kids? Do I want to focus on crossing spirits over? Should I solely be helping people who have ghosts? Should I be helping people communicate with loved ones, if I can even develop my skills enough for that on a regular basis? etc. I understand that I can do a little bit of all of that, as I do now, but I would really like to find a specific paranormal niche to focus the majority of my writing on, if that makes sense.

I’m ready to find a focus for my work, I need to decide what feels right & focus on strengthening and promoting those abilities & decide what should be the focus of my writing in terms of the paranormal. I guess that will be my goal for 2011 in terms of the paranormal, figuring out my role in this community & in the writing community. =)

If you know me personally or have spoke to me more then once or twice and have any opinions or advice I will gladly take it. Hop on the discussion boards & I’ll have a place for this blog’s feedback there. Thanks all & sorry this was so long & all about me.