Today there are tons of books, movies, and TV shows all about the paranormal, ghosts, psychics, and even animal psychics. Some people believe 100% that all of the above are possible, some believe in some of it, but not all, and some, the "skeptics", believe very little if any of it. So, seeing that this is a very hot topic I have found an animal communicator or a "student of animal communication" as she calls herself, to answer many of the questions we all want to know. 

Manda Lockwood
Animal Communicator

Age: 31

Laguna Hills, California

1)  In terms of a title or label what do you prefer to refer to yourself as?

Animal communicator would be the best title I think. I am still learning about it and what I can do with it so in my mind I am still a student of animal communication. 

2)  Is there a difference between an animal communicator and an animal psychic? If so, what?

They are basically the same thing. I think Animal Communicator is a better title for it simply because that is all you are doing. Talking to the animal. But it is possible in a communication with an animal to get into talking about the future, or past life events or talking to animals who have pasted on, even talking about other realms and universes. I have never had those experiences besides talking to animals that have past and spirit guides; but I have read many books from others who have gotten into that stuff. Anything is possible right?

3)  How old were you when you first realized what you could do?

 I realized that I have been doing this my whole life just two years ago. Animal communication was brought to my attention about 10 years ago after reading many books on spirit guides, ghosts, and mediums. I always loved animals and wished I could talk to them, not knowing I already was. Many people have noticed I have a special connection with animals, they behave better for me. Some people jokingly compared me to Snow White or Ace Ventura. Everywhere I go I have a flock of animals follow me. 

I remember having conversations at night with my Cocker Spaniel when I was about 10. He would sit on the bed with me and I would ask him things and tell him to give me one lick for yes or two for no and he always did. Mostly I always remember feeling what they felt or just knowing what they wanted.

Like this dog that used to board at the kennel I worked in, He was a Doberman, I would come in and see him giving me this look and would be standing in his kennel that he was too tall for and I would know instantly that he wouldn't lay down because he was too boney and he needed more cushion or else it was painful and that he couldn't stand up straight because he was too tall. So, I put him in a big run with a comforter and he would just jump and gallop around and give me kisses and lay down every time. No one else seemed to understand.

4)  Do you remember your first communication with an animal? If so, what happened? What were you thinking and or feeling? Were you scared or confused or did you understand exactly what was going on?

 I was working at the kennel and walking this really old dog. She had really bad arthritis to where I had to assist her with walking by putting a towel under her belly. After we walked we sat down for a minute and no one was there. I just heard to myself, "My back hurts" and she was just staring at me.  I thought about it and it made sense. We thought her pain was in her legs but walking with the towel like that might cause some strain on her back. I didn't know for sure it was from her, but in order to develop your skills, you must take whatever comes to you. The first thing that pops in your head; just accept it as the answer, right or wrong, you’ll usually be right.

 5)  Have you ever seen the movie “Dr. Doolittle”? If so, is what you experience anything like that? If so, how? If not, how is it different?

No I haven't sorry. It is similar I guess, just not so Hollywood. I guess it is the same in the way that sometimes a wild animal like a bird or something will just come to you and talk.

 6)  Have you always been comfortable discussing your abilities with others? Why or why not?

I have. I really don't care if people think I am crazy. I have done experiments with people. I was in an animal communication seminar and we were doing an exercise. I had to think of the color purple and whatever it reminded me of and then send it to the other person telepathically. I pictured a kind of hot ugly purple, and then I kept thinking of a lavender rose. Well she nailed it 100%.

I have also had other moments with readings that others have done to my pets and they have said things that were never written or recorded or told to them in anyway, but were accurate.  

I know what I do is real and if someone doesn't believe me that is fine. I have nothing to lose just by believing in something. Especially something that is based solely off of love, understanding, and respect. I always tell people I understand if they don't believe in what I believe in, I know it is out there to some and I try to not push any of my views. If anyone doesn't understand what it is that we do, a good way I learned to explain it in a scientific way would be that it is thought waves. Just like radio waves, no one can see them yet they can be sent all the way across the earth and heard by millions.   

7)  Do you do anything to improve your gifts?

Meditation and practice; I always stay grounded and calm which opens me up to receiving the animal thought waves.

8)  In what forms do you “communicate” with animals? Do you talk to them, Feel them, see images, etc?

Actually all 3. One time I got the word Socks (Really loudly) and then a picture of a kitten wearing sock with the feeling of remembering, all at the same time. I thought it was weird and told the person that this may not make any sense at all, but she almost cried because when her cat was a kitten she would put jammies and socks on her and the kitten would play with the socks and everyone would think it was adorable and laugh. It was one of those things that they would reminisce about when talking about her.

9)  Is anyone else in your family able to communicate with animals?

My husband does. I am not really sure about the rest of my family, but it is really something anyone can do. It is like singing; everyone has a voice, but some just never learn how to use it. Everyone has the ability, some people can do it really well, and others could if they worked on it.

10)  Do you have a distinct or favorite communication with an animal? If so, what was it?

I would have to say my old Bird JJ. Again I was at a seminar and we did an exercise. We were in a meditation and I was in my own special paradise in my mind and we were to let any creature come in and speak to us. My bird JJ was the last creature I ever expected to see. He was just a little blue parakeet I had when I was like 8. He came and sat on my shoulder and I was at the edge of a cliff overlooking the endless ocean and I felt and heard the wind swirling all around.

I felt the words freedom, understanding and joy. With the word freedom I felt like flying endlessly, no limitations whatsoever. Then with understanding I felt like he understood that I didn't know how to care for him and that it was fine. Then I just felt full of joy. It was so overwhelming, the vastness of these feelings are so much more then we all realize. Until someone shows you what it is like from the point of view of a bird, you have no idea.

11)  What do you see or want for yourself in terms of your gifts in the future?

In the future I just want to learn more and hopefully use it to help animals feel better by telling their owners what they feel or need. I hope to gain spiritual enlightenment and a deeper understanding of the nature of the earth.


If you have any questions for Manda feel free to contact her on her Facebook at:!/profile.php?id=1142223724