Is Possession Real and/or Possible?

Alrighty, where do I start… I guess I should go back quite a ways…
When I first got my gifts back in middle school I was terrified of things like possession and mind control; after all that’s how the movies always portrayed spirits. My Grandmother always told me to protect myself from evil and negative spirits with prayers and crystals, she never wanted me to use a Ouija board because of what could come out of it, yet she very much wanted me to learn how to automatic write as she did. At that point I assumed a spirit could posses a person.

Over time as I began to have my own experiences, do my own research, and communicate not only with my own guides, but with numerous spirits, I began to understand that there was no such things as the devil, demons, hell, or even heaven. I began to understand how spirits work and how the planes on the other side work. Once I understood all of this I figured since so much of the other b.s. the media put out there wasn’t real then neither was possession.

Now, I always believed manipulation by stronger spirits was a risk, especially with weak minded or weak spirited humans. By this I mean that I always knew a spirit could affect a human’s mood, thought processes, and even cause them to feel injured or ill; much like an empathic experience. I did not however believe that a spirit could control a human body.

Now to clarify I still say there is no heaven or hell, there are not demons or the devil, and I do not believe in the Hollywood version of possession, but….. I have made some discoveries that tweak my viewpoint some and definitely changed the way I believe the average person should approach the spirit world.

So what is my big revelation? Well… spirits can in fact manipulate the body; yes, I was wrong, it doesn’t happen often, but I can admit when it does. The thing is I should have known this the whole time, I mean I’ve tried automatic writing and my Grandma did it her whole life so how exactly could that work without a spirit moving her hands, right? I assumed they fed the information to the brain and the brain fed it to the arms and that was that.

A while back I decided that since things were calming down in my life I’d re-attempt the automatic writing. I definitely did better, but still not great; it’s really not my thing. One night there was something in my room and I asked it to grab my hand. I’m used to being grabbed and I know the feeling without question so this wasn’t a scary thing for me, I just wanted confirmation. Sure enough it grabbed my hand. I got a strong feeling it was my dad so I asked if it was and the craziest thing ever happened, my left hand started feeling really weird. It was the normal spirit touching you feeling, but much heavier and more intense, I could have shook it off, but I could feel it was ok so I let it continue. All of a sudden my hand started moving back and forth, left and right, not creepy Hollywood crap, just sort of like stretching; then it started moving. It was pointing and signing, and creating very clear messages. My hand was being fully controlled by my dad!

It didn’t last long, but I tried it again the next night and a couple nights after that, etc. After about five times it became no biggie anymore, but then I realized; oh shit, if a spirit can do this to my hand, what would happen if I let it or I wasn’t strong enough to stop it from taking over more of me?? That’s when the light bulb clicked; manipulation of the body is possible. The funny thing is that it bothered me for some reason that this was only happening to my left arm, after all I am right handed, so it sort of didn’t make any sense. A few days later I was reading one of my Grandma’s books and dead serious it explained how with automatic writing and similar activities your “receiving hand” is typically the opposite hand as your dominant hand; light bulb number two! =) I’m sure most people are thinking what are the odds of you reading that right after this experience, but trust me that’s the norm, shit like that alwaaaays happens; I’m pretty much rarely shocked anymore, I just say thank you for the information and go on my way.

Now, there are several small points I’d like to add here besides that I still don’t believe in demons, Satan, hell, or heaven. I was being communicated with through a “receiving hand” this means I was able to do this because I am gifted. There have been times I’ve gotten tired and asked them to stop and I can stop it from continuing no sweat. I’m not saying only gifted people can have their bodies manipulated, but I am going to say it is MUCH, MUCH, more rare for a non-gifted person to have their body manipulated
a) then a gifted person channeling and
b) then Hollywood and those dumb ghost hunting shows would like you to think.
A spirit didn’t just say “Hey, let’s play with this person” and hopped into my hand, I invited the spirit to me and to use my body as a vessel; the invitation on my part is what started the connection.

Finally, the term possession, so does this change my view on it? Eh… 50/50. I do now believe to take over someone’s body is possible, however there is no way in hell (I know, I know, it doesn’t exist.) that it’s anything like the movies wants you to think. Climbing up ceilings, head spinning, projectile vomiting, killing people; my god people are gullible. Could someone kill another person under the influence of a spirit? Yes, but that’s more of a psychological manipulation then a physical & it too is beyond, beyond, rare. The amount of energy it would take to get into and immobilize and entire human body for more then a couple minutes would be so insane you have no idea. It takes a great deal of energy just for them to communicate with us with tools and electronics.

A gifted person acting like a vessel opens their selves up and this makes it much easier for the spirit and requires very little energy on their part, which is why it can last much longer. The human spirit is much stronger then many give it credit for, even broken or weakened people have more say then they think. If a spirit was to try and control you and you fought it at all it would weaken the spirit and cause it to be much less effective, if you fought it hard they would barely be able to do anything.

So this is getting long and rambley, let’s just recap and end it. I DO believe the human body CAN be manipulated; especially from a willing and gifted receiver; however I do NOT believe the full term possession, especially not in the way portrayed in Hollywood. I still don’t believe in heaven or hell or in the devil or demons, but I DO now believe that anyone, especially non-gifted individuals, should proceed with caution when dealing with negative spirits and the second something feels off in their mind or body they need to address it, put a stop to it, and then leave the area!

The point is yes a spirit can control your body, no it’s not common, yes you have control, and YES always be careful when dealing with spirits! K, that’s all. =)