Dear Readers,

So a couple years ago I had an altercation with some females; these women did not know me at all, but felt very strongly that I was being judgmental because I spoke in a factual manner and because I didn’t baby and sugar coach my terminology by using terms such as “I believe” or “I think”. Now, this issue has been more then addressed with those people and it is pretty much just laid to rest so the point of this blog is not to throw anyone under the bus, it’s to address a potential issue.

I understand I can not possibly know everything, for one thing I am not dead, for another I am still in my 20’s, and I’m still learning a tremendous amount of stuff everyday. However, I do know more then many simply because of my gifts, my experiences, and my communications with the other side. Odds are you have come to this site and are reading these blogs because you feel comfortable with what I feel I know, this site is designed to help educate others about the other side and as an educator I speak in a certain way.

I have no reason to doubt anything I've been told or personally experienced from the paranormal. I am the first person to form an opinion on a topic I know little to nothing about (its natural), but I’m also the first to admit I’m wrong when I’m either proved so with facts or told something that "feels right". This brings us to the point of this blog, “what feels right”. The average person believes in God, average as in the majority of mankind, or at least "a" God. Technically we are not dead and despite our faith, experiences, evidence of the afterlife, etc. we can not say without a doubt that there is in fact a God right? Well then how come everyone talks about God as if it's definite? It’s because they can feel it so hard core that to them it's true, that’s why!

Look, I believe everything I tell you is fact because I can feel it deep in my core and because I have an advantage of getting information straight from the source, the dead. :) Despite what I feel I don’t want any one to believe anything I say just because I say it.

I’m told a lot of crazy stuff every day, you should see some of the messages I get in emails and on Facebook. Some I shake my head and say "not even close", some I think "dead on", some I’m intrigued by but haven’t formed an opinion if it’s true or not, and some things I may not personally know all the facts, maybe I’d never even heard about the topic, but something in me feels like its true, like it makes perfect sense. My gut will tell me what’s right; not Hollywood, not paranormal ghost hunters, my core.

Many people have been spoon-fed b.s. their whole life so they don’t know how to look at things objectively, remove the hype, and feel. It’s unfortunate those people will always live in a fog, but for those who are open to learning more then they are programmed to believe; good for you!

Read my blogs, read other people's work, listen to stories, experience things for yourself, but analyze your experiences rationally, and then decide in your gut what to keep as fact for yourself, what to throw away, and what to sit on as undecided. Maybe you'll believe one of my posts, maybe all of them, maybe none of them; or maybe even just parts; that a-ok with me. :)

I just want everyone to know its ok to not agree with all my posts, I believe them to be fact and since most come to my page to "learn" I will present them as fact, BUT always listen to your gut, it’s more important then anything I have to say; just make sure it’s your gut and not your head, programming, or wishful thinking, and you'll find all the answers you need. 

Much Love,